MSNPC Father Edward Morgan - Penance

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Regan Wilde

Feb 19, 2021, 10:04:04 AMFeb 19

  ((Theta 122 - Brotherhood Encampment; Sacred Reservoir))

Morgan stood on the little collection of rocks overlooking the lake. The Iconian - weak and unbound - was attempting to power the gateway, and Morgan knew his people were standing ready to assist. It's what the energy of the Iconian had told them to do; What he had told them to do. To give their lives for the cause, for the Gods. 

Starfleet were attempting diplomacy which was their way. Morgan knew that. He'd been Starfleet. Had he been tricked into giving all that up for the pursuit of truth?

Lives were to be lost. As a human man of science and conscience, how could he have let this happen? Was he so weak minded after all, or had the Iconian used some devil magic to plant the idea in his head? The truth was... he didn't know.

But he now had a chance to make things right.

Morgan ran to the munitions shack on the far side of the camp and entered the flimsy tent which housed their meagre weapons. He grasped some photon grenades and a few old Type II phaser rifles which had been looted from the refugee camp on the planet, slinging them over each shoulder as he searched frantically in the old crates and boxes.

  ((Mini-Timewarp - Sacred Reservoir))

Morgan pushed through the throng of people stood at the lakeside. They were mostly unmovable, partly due to their devotion - however artificial it might - to their cause. Still he pushed through and found himself on the edge of the water, a place he had spent many months defending. Killing for.

This was the right decision. 

He held up his hands to the Iconian and spoke as loudly as he could.

Morgan: Great Thet of Iconia! I stand before you a humble man. I have aided you in your quest to return home, and I seek to make good on my word.

Collins/R'ARiel/DeBarres/Kal: Response

Morgan: My path is clear. I got everyone into this. It is my debt to settle. ::Returning his gaze to Thet.:: Spare these men and women. I have the energy you require!

He pulled back his robes, revealing a criss-cross of photon grenades armed around his midriff. The phaser rifles were concealed under his arms and sides.

Collins/R'Ariel/DeBarres/Kal: Response

Morgan: My fate is as it should be. The resulting blast should give you enough power.

He waded into the waters, and the tendrils of energy from the Iconian - or the gateway, he was never sure which - snaked towards him. He let them envelope him, and he set the overload sequences on his rifles and charged the grenades around his person. The energy took hold of him now, and he let it take him. Face to face with the Iconian he had long adored, he closed his eyes and spread his arms wide.

Morgan: Be at peace, Brothers.

The weapons detonated, sending a large and loud blast across the entire reservoir. The resulting phased blast created a sufficient shockwave which knocked the remaining brothers to the ground. When they awoke their eyes were normal. No sign of the Iconian influence anymore.

The Brothers were confused and shocked. The Iconian, powerful as they were, survived the blast and surveyed them for a long time. As the dust settled and waters returned still... Morgan was gone. 


MSNPC Father Edward Morgan
Spiritual Leader
The Brotherhood of Thet

As simmed by:

Lieutenant(jg) Regan Wilde
USS Arrow, NCC 69829
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