Counselor R'Ariel: Change of Pace

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Oct 13, 2021, 2:47:33 PMOct 13
to USS Arrow – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((Raft-ONE - Leisure Level; "Smiley's" Bar))

Waters: I do not see any non-alcoholic drinks here.

R'Ariel glanced over the selections herself.

Waters: Alcohol would interfere with my ability to maintain my mental barriers. I do not feel comfortable willingly putting myself in a situation where they would be reduced.

R'Ariel: Interesting, if you don't mind my asking, what would happen?

Waters: If they were, my crown would broadcast any and all thoughts. I would be powerless to prevent it. The prospect is frankly... terrifying.

She shook her head in great emotion.  Encouraging that kind of reaction sounded terrible.  She intensified her own scanning of the drinks they offered, trying not to let the impatient bartender rush her into making a foolish selection.

R'Ariel: Well then, we definitely won't let that happen.  I tell you what, we can both have some baghol, it is non alcoholic, and you can pick something to eat, if your hungry. You serve baghol right?

She glanced up at the bartender with a sheepish smile.  He nodded.

Waters: Response

R'Ariel: I certainly understand, I would feel terrible if something happened to you.  I know, I can't abide alcohol, myself, my Caitian physiology reacts very poorly to it, which is a major shame, as I understand most Deltans enjoy it immensely.

Waters: Response

R'Ariel: I just really needed a change of pace, some new carefree auras to be around, you know?

She looked up at the bartender, catching him staring at her intensely, somewhat rudely, as his thoughts grew more apparent, his aura not-so-carefree.

oO Yes, I'm a Caitian, or partly. Oo

She wanted to say it, but it was like the cat got her tongue, her tail flicked in nervous energy.

Waters: Response


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