MSNPC Enzo Dentak - The Devil is in the Detail

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David H

Jun 24, 2021, 8:45:57 PM6/24/21

  ((USS Arrow - Deck 2; Transporter Room))

During their journey to rendezvous with the Federation starship Enzo barely looked up from his paperwork. The probe has been a prudent tactic. Its job was to scan for biological telltales which would allow the Gentii to ascertain how reliable these aliens would be in the negotiations for trade. If there was one thing the Gentii were proud of it was their research into potential allies. And Enzo was determined to know these people... inside and out. No offer of a bairiri, not even a welcome gathering. These Starfleet lot were already on a losing step with Dentak. Was trade with them really in the best interest for his people? 

The probe worked too well, in fact. The synaptic scanners were designed to penetrate the higher consciousness and reveal behavioral traits as plain as day. No deception. No secrets. The faintest whiff of deception and the Gentii would cease all communication with them. Intrusive, yes, but invaluable information, and a tactic any self-respecting trading species would utilize, if just for honesty's sake.

The truth was, it had scattered their synaptic functions and displaced their personalities between themselves. An odd and surprising side-effect, but one Enzo was keen to exploit. The Diplomatic Delegation were not aware just how well the probe worked. That didn't concern them. That was a Department of the Interior matter. And that's what he was there for. To ascertain and evaluate, independent to Renswi's function.

Enzo was an average sized Gentii, with a stone face and sharp black eyes. He nodded to the others as he stepped up to the transporter pad to be beamed over to the Arrow.

The beam energized and he and the other Gentii found themselves in an audience with Starfleet. Immediately Enzo buried his attention in his personal PADD, scrolling through the catalogue of data he had acquired.

Waters: Response 
The Captain stepped forward and greeted them, followed by their Counselor. Enzo had to quickly wipe away the small smirk coming to his lips as they introduced themselves.
R’Ariel: Response 
Renswi: We humbly accept the offer to enter the vessel fully. Our commitment to neutrality and peace is given fully and with no coercion. ::Signalling to one of the delegation:: We have brought a gift to mark this occasion and show the level of our generosity.
The official greetings were underway, much to his satisfaction. The pleasantries and official niceties had to be observed.
Shayne (through Waters, with crown): Gong!
The random outburst from - he pulled the info to his PADD - Waters, Chloe Marie. Rank: Lieutenant. Age: 24. Birthplace: New Tokyo, Mars. Parents: ... - he swiped the information away. So this was the effect of the speech converter he read about. Curious. Enzo raised an eyebrow and narrowed his eyes slightly.
R’Ariel/Waters: Response
Renswi: Response

Dentak: My name is Enzo Dentak, First Undersecretary of the Interior. My function here is to ensure Gentii custom, tradition and if needs be, law, is fully observed. Your negotiations are with Delegate Renswi, however. I'm the resident bureaucrat, you might say. 

Renswi/Shayne/R'Ariel/Waters: Response

Consulting his PADD again, he quickly input the data retrieval for the CO. Shayne, Randal. Rank: Captain. Age: 32. Birthplace: Chicago, Earth. Parents: Admiral (Ret) Eric Shayne, Heidi Shayne (Starfleet, Ret)... Enzo swiped the information away again and offered a polite smile.

Dentak: I believe your custom is for a brief tour? I assume everything is... ::He searched for the right Human phrase.:: Ship-shape?

His dark eyes swept the room for signs of who would speak first. The devil was in the detail. Now he'd see how honest and trustworthy this Starfleet really was.

Renswi/Shayne/Waters/R'Ariel/Anyone: Response


MSNPC Enzo Dentak
First Undersecretary to the Interior
Government of Genti II

As simmed by:

Lieutenant JG Maz Rodan
Science Officer
USS Arrow, NCC 69829
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