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Regan Wilde

Feb 6, 2021, 8:44:18 PMFeb 6

  ((Theta 122 - Brotherhood Encampment))

Morgan stood on a large rock formation overlooking the lake. The Time of Reckoning was coming. He'd received his instructions, and all he had to do was bide his time and be ready to instruct the others. But... something inside him was nagging. All his years as a Starfleet officer told him to value life. Indeed, that's what inspires thousands of people every year to pursue a career in Starfleet. To seek out new life and new civilizations. Well Morgan had done just that, and damned himself in the process.

From his vantage point, he could see the commotion down by the lakeside. The struggling, his new disciple pushing the other man into the water. A crude baptism but one sure to work. 

Wilde: Rejoice! It comes!

From inside his tent he heard talking and more commotion. Ah, so they'd found the vortex. It was only a matter of time. Now he could explain to Starfleet what his mission was, and what he was doing here.

Collins/R'Ariel: Response

Turning to them, he offered a small smile.

Morgan: He rejoices, Commander. As we all do at the Time of Reckoning.

Collins/R'Ariel: Response

Tired eyes looked up and saw the man. Not so different from himself a few decades ago. A faint smile crossed his old and bearded features.

Morgan: Perhaps it is time to explain... ::he waved a hand.:: All this.

Collins/R'Ariel: Response

Morgan: To some It is a God. To many, in fact. Others called Them... Demons. Demons of Air and Darkness. Many, many thousands of years ago.

Collins/R'Ariel: Response

Morgan: Correct, sir. ::He paused, leaning forward to accentuate his point.:: Iconian. 

He let the knowledge - and all that it meant - sink in. He paced slowly around the pair of officers, letting them look down at the lights emanating from the lake. The gateway was activating, albeit slowly.

Morgan: It's been here for thousands of years. Alone. Hurt. It is dying, Commander. The gateway is damaged, you see. Beneath the water. It needs... energy to repair itself. Then the Iconian... Thet, It's called... can return to Its homeworld. ::He paused.:: My only goal here is to repair the gateway and send Thet back home before It dies.

Collins/R'Ariel: Response

Morgan: The only energy we have on this desolate rock of a planet. Lifeforce. ::Beat:: Us, Commander. Us.

Collins/R'Ariel: Response


MSNPC Father Edward Morgan
Spiritual Leader
The Brotherhood of Thet

As simmed by:

Lieutenant(jg) Regan Wilde
USS Arrow, NCC 69829
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