Capt. Shayne: Please Let This Be A Normal Field Trip

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Quinn Friedl

Jun 8, 2021, 10:12:03 PM6/8/21
((Deck 1, Conference Room, USS Arrow))
He put the basket of muffins on the table with hesitation. If only he were unsure about the flavor… but no- there was no doubt there; lemon-poppyseed was clearly the superior pastry. Indeed, the cause of his concern was more substantial; perhaps it was the notes he’d found, or perhaps it was the lack of answers he’d uncovered, but the newly promoted Captain Shayne found himself deeply paranoid. Maybe it was a lack of coffee, or a lack of sleep, or a lack of courage. He wasn’t sure. What he did know was that they, as a crew, could not continue to endure hardship after hardship, even with a trip to Risa punctuating the misery. The past months had been dark, and unkind, and it was a black matter for the man who’d led them to it. This time, it would be different. He would make sure of it. 
It helped that their mission was a relatively simple matter, but even so, the captain was determined to not let it slip between his grasp. There was a chance here for something… constructive, not destructive, peaceful, not fraught. He couldn’t promise it, but he had to do what he could with what he had. 

Some minutes had passed, and Shayne had acknowledged the incoming officers with only a subtle nod. A number showed evidence of significant tanning- good for them, though he hoped that Dr. Mason would not be annoyed with the unenviable cases of sunburn and flaking skin. As the last straggler entered, Shayne stood. 
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His favorite lecturing tool- a holographic display in the center of their communal table- was activated.
Shayne: Good morning. What you see here is a planet. Obviously. It’s called Genti II. 

The image zoomed in somewhat, to show the world’s landmasses, as well as its relationship to other planets in the system. 
Shayne: Starfleet is interested in setting up a more stable trade route through the Alpha Isles, and they’ve elected to pursue those aims here, within the boundaries of the Genti System. To that end, our goal is diplomatic in nature. 
The image was shut off, and Shayne addressed his crew calmly. 
Shayne: It sounds- and is- relatively straightforward. However, Gentii are not the most… relaxed individuals. Their society is highly ordered, especially complex and very easily offended. It’s taken the Federation Diplomatic Corps upwards of four months to move passed the necessary formalities of opening a trade agreement. It’s our job to finalize the details. It is therefore vital…

Here he scanned his eyes across the table, looking at each officer, though a few longer than others. 
Shayne… that we each be on our best behavior. I don’t want to explain to Starfleet Command that I botched this because someone sneezed on a holy relic or something. Any questions? 
((OOC: Feel free to ask away- I’ll look to backsim)). 
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Captain Randal Shayne 
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USS Arrow
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