MSNPC Ambassador Dran - Meeting the Future

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Regan Wilde

Mar 30, 2021, 9:36:16 AM3/30/21

  ((Venthis - Capital City; Capital Building))

Dran smoothed down the ceremonial sash draped across his body, and took a moment to shine the medals and insignia clipped onto the fabric. His official tunic tugged a little at his collar, and he fingered the hem of it nervously as he stared into his own reflection in the mirror in front of him.

Beside him his faithful aide - Farra - swept a fabric brush over the back part of his tunic and straightened the material. Giving a little smile of approval, she made an orbit around him and admired the fit.

Dran peered into his dark eyes in his reflection. Duty had brought him here. To think, about two years ago he was a decorated and celebrated Major in the Sixth Battalion fighting the Eastern States, crawling through their murky lowlands, his military uniform stinking of animal dung, sweat and blood. Now duty replaced that uniform for this fancier one. 

He never chose this position, but the Coalition Government had been unanimous in their appointment of him. There was no one better to represent the unified Venthis than one of their best military figures.

Dran: oO And by best they mean 'one of the few left living'. Oo

Too many of his peers and soldiers perished in the wars. He was a soldier by heart. Young and fearless. So why did he fear this new path the Coalition had put him on? He was no Ambassador. What was he supposed to say to these Starfleet people? Welcome to Venthis! We want to join your mighty Federation. Mind that pot-hole, bombs fell there a while ago...

Dran brushed a hand through his hair and sighed.

Farra: You look splendid, sir!

Dran: Well I feel foolish

Farra: It's a big day, Ambassador! 

Dran: What am I supposed to do to impress these people? I'm a soldier, not a diplomat.

Farra: You'll be fine, sir. All you have to do is show them how better the world is since the fighting stopped.

The Coalition wasn't as stable as it seemed to be on the outside. The Ministers bickered. Constantly. Too much misjudgement and prejudice was brought into the debate chambers which should have been left on the battlefield. They bickered about everything. Was the joining of the Federation the best choice? Why hadn't the Western States drainage been sorted yet? People were still waiting for power cells in the South... The lists were endless. Thank the heavens for The Miracle. The event that ended the war and rebuilt their society. Now here they were, stepping out into the galaxy.

Dran: Easier said than done, Farra. There is still much to do on Venthis. Sure, our technological advancements are astounding! For the first time in centuries we have stable, clean power. We have mass production, food replicators, industry... But the social agenda still needs to be fixed. And now warp drive brings aliens to our home. Aliens I have to impress.

He shook his head. His world had changed so much, almost overnight.

Dran: What does warp drive even mean?

Farra: I heard that it propels you faster than light through the stars.

Dran: No, I mean the actual word warp. What does it mean? Who thought it up? 

Farra: I have no idea. I bet they got an award for it, though. Come, Starfleet will be here soon. 

Dran turned back to his reflection in the mirror. He practiced smiling a few times, then smirked at the young face staring back at him. Ambassador - formerly Major - Dran was only twenty years old. 

Dran: Alright, Farra. Time to go meet the future.


MSNPC Ambassador Dran
Venthis Coalition Diplomatic Council

As simmed by:

Lieutenant(jg) Regan Wilde
USS Arrow, NCC 69829
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