Cmdr. Shayne: Roll The Bones

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Quinn Friedl

Nov 20, 2020, 8:52:21 PM11/20/20
((Deck 1, Bridge, USS Arrow)) 

Waters: Cutting thrust to a variable one quarter.
DeBarres: It sounds like a full spread to me.
DeBarres sounded to Shayne like she was having far too much fun. Was that necessarily wrong? Their chances of surviving this were dwindling all the time; would he really object to someone enjoying their last few moments in a halo of concussive glory? So long as her volley did the trick, there’d be no worries. 

Collins: Response
The Edge was barreling toward them, even more rapidly than expected, and if they didn’t change their facing angle quickly, their entire dorsal surface would be turned to paste by their polaron weapons. The only way Shayne could think of to minimize this while keeping the plan intact employed a literal reduction in surface area, and his orders came out in a jumble. 

Shayne: Helm, starboard half roll, now! Fire port phasers!
Waters: Already on it.
The roll was swift, and Shayne felt himself grip the chair armrests again. There would be just a few seconds in which to identify what the Starfleet vessel was doing- but would they glom onto it in time? 
DeBarres: There is movement among the other ships, it appears the Ferrengi are coming?
Shayne gritted his teeth- the last thing he needed right now was another complication, and without knowing whether or not Blet’s vessel intended to assist, it was just one more matter to worry about. Even if they did want to help, these were delicate maneuvers that they couldn’t afford to botch. 
Collins: Response

Waters: The helm has gone dead. I have no control.

So. This was how they died. He was at a loss- what could they possibly do? Without the ability to stop their roll, they’d simply flip over, expose their belly, and be torn to shreds without the opportunity to fight back. No, there had to be another way- perhaps a tractor beam! But that would take too long, and the inertia the two ships would exercise on one another would favor the Edge distinctly. But… what if? 

Shayne: Can we blow the hatch on cargo bay 1? 

Collins/DeBarres: Response
They couldn’t afford to take a scan, had no time to evacuate the section. If they did this, it would be an incalculably risky gamble, but if they were fortunate, it would make their thinnest edge what the raider would have to hit, and that could save all their lives. 

Shayne: Unless someone has a better idea?
Waters/Collins/DeBarres: Response 
Suddenly, the proximity alarm began to purr- at least one other ship was closing in on their position. 

Commander Randal Shayne
Commanding Officer
USS Arrow
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