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May 8, 2021, 6:17:22 PMMay 8

OOC: Hello folks. This sim introduces my switch in Primary Character! He is available for any and all tags throughout shore leave. Regan will also be available for tags, though at the end of shore leave he will no longer be on the ship. His fate is... well, you'll see!


((USS Arrow - Deck 2; Transporter Room 1))

Maz disliked transporters. Most Trill did. The process of re-molecularizing two entities which shared the same physiology was always an adventure, but the process made Maz a little nauseous. 

Taking a moment to collect himself, he took a moment to smooth down his uniform and gave a pleasant nod to the transporter chief before he left the room and made his way to the bridge.

   ((USS Arrow - Deck 1; Bridge))

The turbolift doors parted and the young Trill stepped onto the command deck of the ship. While not his first time on a starship bridge, he still felt a little touch of trepidation. He wasn’t new to Starfleet, but he was new to the ship and eager to make a good impression.

He missed the Dickens. He knew from past experience - past life, rather - that you’re always fond of your first posting, even though he hadn’t been stationed on the Prometheus class vessel for long. Then before he knew it he was Joined, and then given a few weeks leave to adjust. He left the ship Ensign Nevron and came back Ensign Rodan.

When he returned to duty all the previous knowledge and experience of the Rodan Symbiont must have given him an edge, since he was promoted and offered a transfer within another month of returning to active duty.

So here he was on the Arrow. Given a chance to shine as a new science officer in a department much smaller than the Dickens’, but no less important. But this would be different. On the Dickens he was a lab leader. Working in a team, but generally away from the action. On the Arrow he would be a bridge officer. The Alpha Shift science officer coordinating with the others. Big responsibility. It made his spots itch.

He looked around the bridge. Only a skeleton crew while at station-keeping in orbit of Risa, and the room was quiet except for the usual beeps and hums of consoles. He had to check his transfer orders twice when he saw he was to proceed to Risa, then to Arrow to be oriented as a new crew member. 

Beside him, a woman advanced in years but certainly no grandmotherly figure stepped out ahead of him and ran a ghostly hand across the nearest console.

Shona: Is this it!? I had offices bigger than this...

Maz just gave the woman a side glance. Saber classes were small, but still proportioned just like any small cruiser in the fleet.

On his other side, dressed in a similar Starfleet uniform, a man in his early sixties stepped forward, his brilliantly white hair and goatee in sharp contrast to the bridge lights.

Jareth: Now this all looks familiar. Not too dissimilar from a Prometheus. Still not as accommodating as an Intrepid, though. 

Jareth - his immediate former Host - was a Starfleet Chief Medical Officer and had been Joined for the last forty five years. He didn’t understand a bridge layout that didn’t include a First Officers chair.

Jareth: On the Galaxy class you had a chair for the Counselor, and a little seat dotted on the end for me, if needed.

Maz: Maybe I should lodge a complaint with the starship designers?

As Jareth and Shona began a visual tour of the bridge, another Host stepped forward from the depths of his memory. Maz wasn’t sure how often these visits would occur, or even why they occurred. He understood that sometimes his Symbiont would manifest them to talk to him. Their Symbiotic nature was still mysterious, and Maz wasn’t sure if Rodan couldn’t just telepathically talk to him.

Zosha: Are you ok?

Maz: ::Offering a little smile.:: I’m fine. Just a little nervous about being the new guy, that’s all. Well, the new guys…

Zosha gave him a beautifully wide smile. She had dark skin and her long hair flowed just past her shoulders, and the sight of her made Maz a little sad somehow.

Zosha: Deep breaths. Big smiles.

Maz: How are you even here, anyway?

Zosha: ::Shrugging.:: We just are. We’re part of you, now. Though we aren’t really here, of course. If that makes sense? We’re dead. Rodan is just extrapolating our interactions based on their own experiences with the Hosts. Just figments of your imagination, you could say.

Interrupting them, the ever-acerbic Shona stepped back up the little step to the turbolift.

Shona: This ship is older than I am! 

Maz: Shona

Shona: Oh hush, kiddo. No one can hear me. 

Maz: ::Eyes wide in shock.:: Kiddo!? ::He turned quickly to Zosha.:: That’s where that came from? I called a crewman on the Dickens ‘kiddo’ and I thought he was going to punch my face!

Shona: You’ll get used to it. Would you prefer ‘little one’?

Maz: I’m one hundred and seventy two years old. ‘Little one’ is not appropriate.

Shona: ::Looking pretty smug.:: Now you’re talking like Rodan.

Maz: Another thing, what are my new crewmates going to think if I tell them I see people who are dead. ::He cast a wicked eye over to his First Host.:: Long dead.

Shona: As a Symbiosis Commission psychiatrist I can give you a professional diagnosis if you like. ::Beat:: They’ll think you’re nuts. Trill have that effect on other beings. We’re mysterious. Secret. They don’t like it. 

Rafi: Don’t listen to this old broad. With me in that head of yours you’ll have no trouble making friends. When your Zhian’tara comes, we’re gonna have so much fun!

His Third Host now arrived on the bridge. Wild-eyed and mischievous, Maz shared more traits with this rogue than he cared to admit. He just didn’t know if he had them before he was Joined, or after…

Shona: Old broad? If you had been one of my Initiates, I would have kicked your backside so far out of the Program you’d have landed on a different planet. And at least Maz will be on time for his Zhian’tara. You were two months late! The Guardians had to drag you back to Trillius Prime!

Rafi blew her a kiss before turning to Maz. Shona rolled her eyes and crossed her arms across her chest.

Rafi: This all looks very Starfleet and very boring. Jareth loves it, of course.

Rafi jerked a thumb over to Jareth, who was busy looking over some data on a screen completely lost in thought. Ever the inquisitive explorer.

Maz: I was in Starfleet before you lot, you know. Rodan hasn’t changed that.

Rafi: I always loved exploring the stars…

Zosha: You loved exploring the bars, Rafi. There’s a difference.

Jareth: Alright, everyone. Let’s give the lad a moment to acclimatise. How do you feel?

Maz took a quick breath. This was just another post. On another ship. But he had to make it a home. A new life, for himself and for Rodan.

Maz: I’m a little nervous, I’ll admit. I’m worried people won’t like me. I’m worried about the new responsibilities - I’ve never been a bridge officer before. I’m worried something sordid from any of your lives is going to come back and bite me on the backside.

The other Hosts all gave a well meaning chuckle. Rafi raised his hand.

Rafi: With me, that is a possibility. Just saying!

Maz: But I need you guys to guide me. I know what I’m doing, but I’ll need help. Everything is still so new. I’ve been Joined for four months and I didn’t even know Rodan could… create… you lot.

Zosha: You’re never alone. Trust Rodan, as Rodan trusts you. You’re One, now.

Rafi nodded and offered a smile of his own with a thumbs up.

Rafi: You got this.

Shona, who was looking like she needed a strong martini in her hand, gave him a wink.

Shona: You’ve got this, kiddo.

Maz turned to Jareth, the man he met ever so fleetingly before he died on Trill, then ended up with his entire Joined life’s worth of memories and experiences in his head - as well as all the others’ pretty much overnight. Jareth nodded the affirmative.

Jareth: Remember what I said to you on Trill. Being a Host is an incredible responsibility, and the greatest privilege. You have to give Rodan all the experiences you can. But, you also have to have a life too. This is your time, Maz.

Maz: ::Quietly.:: This is my time...

Then Maz was alone. Just him and the regular sounds of the bridge. A crewman turned to see the new arrival on the bridge and offered a welcoming smile.

Crewman: Can I help you, Lieutenant?

Rodan: Hi there. I’m looking to report in. ::He gave a little wave.:: Lieutenant Junior Grade Maz Rodan. Your new science officer.

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Lieutenant JG Maz Rodan
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