Ensign Zabi: Seedy underbelly

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Jack Carter

May 24, 2023, 8:08:29 PMMay 24
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((Freecloud, Stardust City))

Banagher was wearing plain clothes. Not entirely formal but more casual formal complete with a jacket. He wanted to look the least like a Stafleet officer when wandering the free city at the fringe.

He even replicated technology that wasn't Federation standard like a small tablet-like device he can scroll open to give him data on where he was.

Walking into a bar that was primarily filled with Klingons, he casually walked over to order a drink. The other full blooded Klingons could tell he was some half breed acting like he belongs with the rest of them, but Banagher ignored their stares and mumbled remarks about his lineage as he took out a piece of metal in the shape of a coin. It was actually a klingon crest, stained with dried up blood. He slides it over to the bartender, who looks up at him, almost confused.

Zabi: Where can I find him?

Bartender: You should be careful where you display that. You'll only find trouble here. ::He slides over a glass of bloodwine::

Nodding with understanding, Banagher grabbed the small crest and put it back in his jacket. He took a swig of the wine before dropping some money for the barkeep, then walking out without a word.

As he walked around, he noticed he was being followed and decided to cut through an alley. He attempted to lose the stalkers and took one more turn around a tighter corner. From his jacket, he drew a pistol. Non-Federation design. He disappeared into a dark corner, weapon pointed, finger on the trigger. He waited and then the stalkers caught up, not realizing they passed him. They were Klingons, with murder in their eyes. They stopped, not knowing where Banagher went and not knowing he was actually close and with a gun pointed at their heads. They continued on in the opposite direction, not realizing they were mere inches away from death.

Banagher waited for a long while to see if the two would turn around and checked the corner he hid in before he relaxed his grip and took a sigh.

Holstering his pistol, he reversed his jacket so it's a different color and pulled the hood up as he walked back into the busy street and back towards the more "safer" part of the city. Perhaps he should look for his crew and spend shoreleave doing things that aren't going to increase his anxiety level.

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