MSNPC Ambassador Dran - The Future of Venthis

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Regan Wilde

May 5, 2021, 7:25:18 AMMay 5

  ((Venthis - Southern State; Lowka))

The disruptor bolt hit him square in the shoulder, singing his flesh and sending him twisting backwards to the floor. He scrambled for his phaser with his free hand while he kept the other one compressing the wound in his shoulder. 

Militant: The question is... are you aliens strong enough to last in a fight with a species bred to be soldiers? 

Ander: ::Quietly:: Either this guy is stupid or II think we may be surrounded.

Caden: Hey, while I have my phaser pointed directly at your head, let’s all not do something we'll regret. I’ll not have you harm my friends.

The Federation officers moved swiftly, one leaping in front of Dran, their team leader sweeping in from behind and securing an arm around him ready to pull him further from harm's way. 

Serinus: Got him. Take cover!

Caden: Response

Serinus: Ander, Alvarez, on me! ::Waiting for a few moments, as he propped Dran's back against the wall:: Spot check for other shooters, and if there aren't any flank his back.

Ander: On it sir!

Alvarez: Response

Dran's breath became ragged as the pain in his shoulder inte sified. He could hear active shooting in the distance now, more phasers than the away team had. Perhaps the Venthis Guard had arrived in the nick of time. The sweat was pouring from his brow and the pain was beginning to overcome him. He could barely hear the comm call from the captain.

Shayne: =/\=Shayne to Serinus! The molecule is meters away! Did something just appear? =/\=
Serinus: =/\= Active shooter. Get Dran to Sickbay.=/\=

The transporter beam swept him up to the ship just as he lost consciousness.

  ((Timewarp - The next day))
  ((USS Arrow - Deck 1; Conference Room))

The medical staff had been a marvel. By the time he woke up hours later after the confrontation in Lowka his shoulder was as good as new. The rest of his day was consumed with conference calls to the Ministry and the Commander of the Venthis Guard, as well as coordinating efforts with Starfleet and Feren Industries to oversee the arrangements regarding the new power facilities currently in construction.

The militants had been mostly subdued by the Venthis Guard, but that wasn't to say they were eliminated. People could be captured and imprisoned, but ideas were harder to curtail. The Coalition Ministry had agreed to ensure all areas of the planet were brought together to learn the new technology to stop further insurgency, and Dran hoped that that would be enough.

He stood at the window of the conference room and looked down at the planet below. His planet. 

He was so eager to embed Venthis in the Federation and make it a utopia that he was blinded by the actual suffering still occurring to its people. The militants in the South were only the first to show their displeasure. The reports from the veterans treated on the Arrow shocked and sickened him. How could he have been so blind to the plight of his own men? He could see why men like Mathias could be recruited to the militant camps after their own government failed them. He vowed that the experimentation and cover-ups of the medical centers would stop, and proper rehabilitation would follow.

Farra - his aide - was busy fussing around him, as was her way. She'd stayed aboard the ship through all the mission, watching and making copious reports. 

Finally, he turned to the doorway when it swooshed open and the people he had invited to join him entered.

Shayne/Alios: Response

Dran: It is done, then? The Miracle... ::He paused and shook his head.:: Omega - destroyed?

Shayne/Alios: Response

Dran nodded. Twenty four hours ago the prospect of losing The Miracle would have instilled so much fear in him he didn't want to think of it. Now, it was gone. And Venthis had to find a way forward - again.

Dran: The Ministry is instigating a massive teaching and training program, to get all areas of the planet up to speed on the new power generators. ::Beat.:: I hope we can rely on Feren Industries to pioneer this effort?

Alios: Response

Dran: We must do better. The war ended in minutes and we thought ourselves gods! We were far from it. The unrest, the fear of our people. We need time to rebuild again. Together, we will make it happen. One People, One Venthis. But the right way.

Alios: Response

Dran: Captain Shayne. I cannot begin to thank you for everything you and your crew has done for Venthis. You saved us from ourselves. It's clear to me - as it must be clear to you - that we still have a great way to go to become the society we thought we were. I still offer my hand in friendship to the Federation - we need allies and peaceful cooperation - but in terms of membership... ::Beat.:: I hereby withdraw our petition to join your Federation. Perhaps one day when our troubles are over and our society is stable, we may take our place amongst you. But today is not that day.

Shayne/Alios: Response


MSNPC Ambassador Dran
Venthis Coalition Diplomatic Council

As simmed by:
Lieutenant JG Regan Wilde
USS Arrow, NCC 69829
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