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Karrod Niac

May 27, 2023, 12:42:34 AMMay 27
to USS Arrow – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((Central Overlook, Freecloud, Stardust City))

Taking a stool at the counter of the small but aesthetic stall Karrod smiled as memories of Adriana's last visit here, and the feelings that accompanied it, bubbled to the surface of Niac's chorus of thought.  Karrod rode the sense of familiarity and relaxation and felt a profound sense of ease.  He thought back to his final days aboard the Excalibur and shook his head with a smile.  

Niac:  Last I remember we still had Ensigns mopping down Ambassadorial ejecta from the walls and floors of the Round Table...probably the ceilings too if I'm honest.  ::Karrod shook his head.::  Guess that's part of why I took on this job...otherwise I would probably still be finding bits of half-digested taco behind the deckplates.  

Morgan:  It wasn't half bad. Once we got back to the station, we had the benefit of station help. And they hadn't been a part of the play.

Chuckling in sympathy for the poor junior staff of DS224 Karrod let the aromatic bouquet of the sake fill his nostrils.  The somewhat exotic and deeply fragrant rice wine was warmed to perfection and accented the mood between the two of them perfectly.  He took up the small ceramic cup and felt the heat radiating into his hand.  

Niac: Well then, lets raise this cup to the Excalibur..::Karrod clinked their cups together and took a slow, warm gulp::...and another for the ships fine crew.  Speaking of, how did that firecracker of an XO we had deal with all of that?

Karrod shook his head at the memory of the Excal's tempestuous First Officer, Commander Addison MacKenzie, MD, PHD, FASAS, and her somewhat infamous and lethal glare.  Karrod had rarely met anyone quite so terrifying.  It was probably why he'd liked her so much.  

Morgan: Long story short, our first officer and chief intel officer took the bait and ended up in a trap. Seems that not everyone was pleased with our resolution to the taco madness.

Karrod was mid-swallow when the word 'trap' was uttered and ended up with warm sake inside his sinuses.  It took him a few sputtering uncomfortable moments to compose himself.  

Niac: MacKenzie and Dakora together?  I suspect whoever trapped those two ended up with a lot more than they bargained for.  

Morgan: It was great, except for they didn't let anyone else know where they were going or why, they didn't file a flight plan, and they left no breadcrumbs.

Karrod shook his head, at once appalled and simultaneously impressed.  

Niac: I can just hear Mr. Dakora discussing the importance of operational security and information compartmentalization.  Come to think of it, he'd get on well with Commander MacKenna.  They could not talk about mission details for hours at a time.  

He chuckled to himself and refilled his small cup, surprised to find the first flagon of sake almost empty.  He signaled across the counter for a second and turned his attention back to Adriana as the day took on a pleasant, rosy mellowness.  

Morgan: Did you read anything about the nanobot attack? What led us to find them, almost led to the destruction of the Excalibur. A distress beacon was left, by their captors, to lure us.

Shaking his head in the negatory, Karrod could only shrug.  

Niac: Unfortunately I haven't had much of a chance to keep up.  Sounds like the Excal was getting itself into trouble...again...right around the same time the Arrow started playing cat and mouse with a group of Sheliak privateers.  We spent the better part of a week deep inside the Isles and by the time we got back, Deep Space Thirty Three was coming online and I suddenly had a lot of paddwork to do.  How'd the Excal manage?  ::Karrod had a sudden spike of concern:: Ship is still in one piece, isn't it?  

Morgan: To be honest, I'm not sure how we got out of that mess. I hear that it was a fight on multiple fronts in multiple ways, and somehow it worked.

Karrod chuckled and raised his glass in salute once again.  

Niac: 'And Somehow It Worked...' should be the title of a book about Starfleet History.  We've all had so many near misses and close calls over the years that sometimes moments like this..::Karrod gestured around them, to the peaceful promenade and tranquil little drink stall::...barely seem real.  But that probably makes them that much more important...reminds of why we do the job.  

Morgan:  Response

Karrod swirled the wine around in the bottom of his cup, giving the idea some thought.  

Niac:  The future?  Oh, I stopped trying to predict that right around the time Niac showed up in my life.  Had it all planned out, too...nice relaxing position at a civilian shipping firm for a few years, little place to myself with a well stocked bar and library.  Even considered picking up a hobby or two.  But that didn't sit well with my new co-pilot...::Karrod prodded his midsection::...and here I am, right back out on the tip of the spear.  How about you?  Making big plans?  

Morgan:  Response

The smile was on his lips before he consciously realized it.  He could feel the words coming easier as he allowed himself to relax more than he would with someone else who he was ultimately responsible for.  Talking to Adriana was a bit like talking to a sister he hadn't seen in some time, but who he had no secrets from.  It was a wonderfully liberating way to have a conversation.  

Niac:  Won't pretend I'm not glad to hear that...I wasn't kidding before, Arrow needs people like you...and having someone who knows me better than I know myself nearby certainly doesn't hurt.  You can knock me around if the pips start going to my head.  

Morgan:  Response


Commander Karrod Niac
First Officer
USS Arrow - NCC-69829
Captain Randal Shayne, Commanding
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