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David H

Oct 15, 2021, 3:33:39 PMOct 15

   ((USS Arrow - Deck 1; First Officers Office))

Maz and Artinus had a very surreal and singular bond ever since swapping bodies in the Incident of Genti II. He felt like he knew the Magna Roman more personally, and in a way he did. They'd shared brain waves, memories, bodies even. He knew the pressure the man put on himself, and so wasn't surprised to see the Security Chief sitting opposite him in his office not long after the accident on the Hulk.

Rodan: I didn't mean like that. I forget that the subject of death seems very blasé coming from a Joined Trill.

Serinus: Of course, sir.

Rodan: You are going to lose people, Artinus. Whether it's through your action or unfortunate inaction. Or in circumstances far, far beyond your control ::Beat.:: You're an up and coming officer. You'll be in command red in the blink of an eye. But you are going to lose people. You have to accept it. But you sure as hell don't have to like it.

Serinus: In my line of work, sir, any death that can be prevented is caused by a mistake. The mistakes were mine. I accept them, and I accept the guilt both official and personal.

Blinking once then twice, the young Trill looked at their Chief of Security. Serinus was a proud man. A stalwart officer. But to burden the entirety of the blame of what happened on the Hulk - accidents and all - was just incomprehensible. The path to Command was a fretful one. Even he was beginning to feel the pinch of responsibility. For the first time since he'd donned the red collar he admitted to himself that he missed the science labs. Gone were the days where he could hide from the troubles that burdened him by focussing instead on some wobbling multi-spatial anomaly in space, in a dark lab with a mug of Earl Grey.

Rodan: That's very noble of you, Chief. But I'm afraid Starfleet doesn't work like that. You can't shoulder everybodies guilt by yourself. You'll go mad. 

Serinus: It is my intention to learn from these mistakes, and prevent their repetition.

MAz nodded. 

Rodan: Learning is good. You can never be too prepared.

Serinus: Response

Rodan: I appreciate your work ethic, Commander. I really do.

He sighed and leaned back in his chair, a comfortable look on his face.

Serinus: Response

Rodan: ::Holding up a hand.:: I'm sure you have. Tonight, however, I want you to take a break. Let off some steam.

Serinus: Response

Rodan: I don't care. Something. Anything. Just as long as it's recreational. In fact... ::He grinned.:: Computer... Suspend all command codes and functions of Lt.Commander Artinus Serinus until 09:00 tomorrow morning, and only on my personal reinstatement. Authorization Rodan-Omega-Kappa-9943.

The computer bleeped its acknowledgement.

Computer: Confirmed. 

Serinus: Response

The mirthy grin of Rodan spread across his face. A blatant misuse of power, almost certainly, but one which might ensure that the senior officer didn't burn out with all the overtime they'd pulled recently.

Rodan: Take a night off, Commander. That's an order.

Serinus: Response


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