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Lase Ander

Mar 31, 2021, 7:10:12 AM3/31/21
((Venthis - Capital City; Veterans Hospital))

Borak Clovid was sitting on a small cot in a featureless room with his arms wrapped tightly around his knees, the lower part of his right leg was missing from mid shin. He still got phantom pains from the missing foot but he was assured these would disappear in time. This wasn’t the first time he’d woken up in an isolation room not having any idea how he’d gotten there, it was a daily occurence. His doctors couldn’t explain why he couldn’t remember what happened when he was supposedly asleep or why he’d not remembered a single dream since the event. His trust in the scientific profession was at an all time low and it hadn’t started very high to begin with. The door lock clunked as the big mechanical lock was opened and a doctor whose face he recognised but name eluded him entered the room for the morning ritual.

Doctor: Good morning Borak, how are you feeling?

Borak gave a resigned sigh before addressing the doctor.

Clovid: The same way I’m feeling when I’m asked every morning.

Doctor: You know the system, I need you to answer me fully so we can record it accurately without bias.

Clovid: Confused, scared, angry, frustrated. Like I’m living two lives and only one of them is mine.

Doctor: Do you remember what happened last night?

Clovid: Not a thing, I went to sleep and the next thing I remember is waking up here. What did I do?

Doctor: You know we can’t tell you that lest it interfere with the research. Do you remember what is happening today?

Clovid: Yes, you’re sending me off to be probed by an alien species. Your experimentation isn’t degrading enough.

Doctor: Borak, you have made great strides since coming to this facility but you have not responded in a similar manner to the other patients. We can no longer offer you anything that will improve your situation but this Federation has more advanced technology and may be able to cure you.

Clovid: I’m broken, there is no cure for me. I suppose being one of the first people to board an alien vessel will make me famous at least. Borak Clovid, the explorer, has a nice ring to it.


Borak was now fully dressed and waiting, he was standing using his cane to prevent toppling. They were going to be transporting him to the vessel by some instant teleportation device that sounded like it was from a story. Nobody knew how it worked but the liaisons from the last vessel that had made contact had used it so he was sure it was safe. He was in a group of a number of injured veterans ready to be moved to the ship. Surrounding them were a collection of onlookers who claimed they were there to wish them well but in reality wanted to see the transport. The vessel communicated to make sure all was ready and the transport began. Borak had a moment of panic that the cane would be left behind and his first introduction to the aliens would be falling on his backside. Thankfully he had nothing to worry about as he materialised in a medical facility that put the veterans hospital to shame. They were greeted by a number of medical professionals and Borak was startled as he had completely overlooked the fact there would be different species on the vessel.

Mason/R’Ariel: Response


Borak Clovid
Wounded Soldier

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Lieutenant J.G. Lase Ander
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USS Arrow - NCC-69829

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