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David H

Sep 1, 2021, 7:06:22 PMSep 1

   ((FMS Fortuna - Bridge))

The lights were dimmed on the spacious bridge as the officers kept their dark eyes on their globe-like panels. Slim, orange fingers slid the controls carefully as they watched the ancient vessel on their scanners. Patience was key here. They had the time. They had the manpower. Soon, the time would be right to take everything they could on this treasure trove.

Slek was a traditional Ferengi DaiMon. Older than most of his crew, and certainly fatter, he believed a DaiMon's status should be expressed through his own personage. The fatter you were, the richer you were. That's what his father had always taught him. Wealth can be construed through your appearance. His Symbol of Ferenginar tattoo on his front ridge was inked in pure latinum, which gave a cosmic, otherworldly shine in these lights. His uniform was expertly tailored. Even though he was rotund, he was no slob. His appearance was immaculate.

He sat in the centre of his bridge, his greedy eyes scanning all the available data on this wonder ship. A bowl of tube-grubs was placed on one arm rest, and he casually reached in from time to time to scoop handfuls of the popular Ferengi snack into his mouth.

The wonder ship! What was once a dark and distant rumour, a whisper on the tongues of far off travellers and merchants of whom had no exact galactic coordinates, was now his. He'd spent years tracking it. Years of shady information bartering, bribery and thievery in some cases to get its whereabouts. He knew it contained treasure. Not just treasure. Fortune

The ion field obscured them completely, which was partly the reason he felt so bold. The engines of the wonder ship had failed years ago, but the fuel had poisoned the space around them long since. No one could detect them. The downside was he couldn't detect or communicate with the team he'd dispatched to the hulk. So now he had to sit and wait.

Slek: How long does it take to get on the ship, make a quick recon, and get back?

Ops: Perhaps one hour, DaiMon. Maybe two.

Slek drummed his stubby fingers on his arm rest and grunted. They'd been too long. He sensed something had happened. Dead men were easy to replace. But there was no way he was leaving that ship without his fortune. He turned to his First Officer and jabbed a sausage-like digit in his direction.

Slek: Take another shuttle. Find them. Load anything you find onto the shuttles and get back here within an hour.

The First Officer nodded and left the bridge, taking another boarding party with him in his wake.


The long silence on the bridge was beginning to tire the DaiMon. His eyelids grew heavy as he sat in his seat. He felt the weight of this expedition weighing on his mind, which in turn weighed on his eyes and he grunted himself back to alertness when a siren sounded from the ops globe.

Ops: DaiMon! Something is happening...

Slek: Report!

Ops: The ion field is destabilizing. It's being swept away with a magneton pulse.

Slek: Impossible! No one knows of this place... ::He checked his own readings and confirmed.:: By the Great Exchequer! Starfleet! Oh frak! We're in for it now!

The blackness of his viewscreen was swept away with the magnetons and normal space resumed. Sitting ahead of the great space hulk was a Starfleet craft. Small, but not without a bite. Slek ordered their retreat to a greater distance. He had no intention of giving up this bounty, but he also didn't want a firefight with Starfleet. That would just end in red tape...

The Starfleet ship didn't advance. It just sat there like a frog in space. It's weapons were hot. The Ops officer signalled that they were being hailed. Slek waved a silencing fat hand.

Slek: Wait a minute... I'm thinking...

He had two teams on the space hulk. One overdue, the other just arrived. Could he leave them? No. Without them he had no way of getting the profit off the hulk. Damn! 

Time ticked on, and the communications channel still flashed. He growled a low squeal and waved for the channel to open.

Shayne: Response

Slek immediately leant forward and went on the aggressive. Perhaps this would confuse them enough for him to think of a plan.

Slek: ::He waved a finger cautiously.:: Ah-ah-ah! Not so fast, Starfleet! This is my ship! I found it. I have men aboard it. I've laid claim to it fair and square.

Shayne: Response

Slek: You address DaiMon Slek of the Ferengi vessel Fortuna. What do you want?

Shayne: Response

Slek: My weapons are charged, Captain, because we are in disputed space. How would you react if you were in my position and a Nausicaan raider suddenly appeared, or a Breen battleship?

He sat back in his seat and scooped up a handful of tube-grubs. The sickening smile on his face was designed to irritate.

Slek: Surely you'd defend yourself against an unprovoked attack, too.

Shayne: Response


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