Lieutenant Commander Chloe Waters: Home Is Where The Heart Is

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May 25, 2023, 12:20:10 AM5/25/23
((Ready Room, Deck 1 -- U.S.S Arrow))

Chloe closed her eyes as she took a sip of the water Shayne had fetched
for her. For a moment, she didn't say anything. She just took the time
to appreciate everything. It felt good to be back in the uniform, on
this ship, with the people she knew. This wasn't how she had pictured
her return, but... she was able to return. Chloe didn't know what the
future held for her, but then again... did anyone ever really know? She
opened her eyes again, setting her glass down and folding her hands in
her lap.

Waters: I will admit... after training as I did, serving as I have,
adjusting to a new post will be... difficult. I rather enjoyed the view.

Shayne: I can understand that, but from one former pilot to another, you
may fly higher here than you ever could have at your old station.

It was certainly a possibility. There was always the potential for
untapped talent to manifest itself in unknown, unpredictable scenarios.
Chloe was, if anything, adaptable. She began her career thinking almost
coldly, logically about life and death. She had thought that those from
The People's world she had killed would be grateful to her. In a sense,
she wasn't exactly Starfleet material back then. But she had grown into
the uniform. She had begun to take the initiative, something she almost
never did until she organized the pilot certification. Something she
was, to this day, still proud of.

Waters: Then again... it would seem I would be in for a significant
period of adjustment regardless. The crew roster seems quite different
than it was. ::beat:: Though it is good to see some things don't change.

She thought of R'Ariel. She thought of Maria. She thought of Quentin.
Three people she was happy to call her friends. Three people she was
glad she had the chance to serve with. They had all changed her, in some
way or another. Only two of them still served on the Arrow still, and
she found herself wishing she could thank Maria for what she had done
for her. Pushing her, encouraging her, to step outside her comfort zone.
If she hadn't, Chloe's feelings for R'Ariel would have probably not come
out to this day.

Waters: Then again... it would seem I would be in for a significant
period of adjustment regardless. The crew roster seems quite different
than it was. ::beat:: Though it is good to see some things don't change.

Chloe was happy Quentin and R'Ariel were still aboard. Quentin had been
more than helpful. He had designed the crown Chloe wore to replace her
old, monotonic implant. He had been a source of support in the past.
R'Ariel had saved her life the first time they really spent any time
together, and had stayed with her through the utter terror that moment
had been. She couldn't imagine what her life would be like, if it
weren't for them. But she was certain she wouldn't be as good a person

As Chloe's thoughts turned inward, she registered Shayne inclining his
head a little. She reached out for her glass and took another sip as she

Shayne: I suspect in this case it’s a good thing. Allows you to get a
fresh start in another role.

Waters: Perhaps. Nevertheless, I'm pleased some faces are still the same.

The silence that settled over the pair of them seemed natural. Chloe was
musing on what the future might hold. The uniform was the same, but the
responsibilities were far different. Would the uniform alone be enough
to remind her of this? She knew what her habits would be, she knew what
her instincts would be. She would be drawn towards the helm station,
always. But it was hers no longer. She wondered how she could remind
herself of that in a manner that would be easy to swallow, in a manner
that would re-enforce that these were her new responsibilities as
mission specialist.

Shayne: Why Mission Spec?

The question so suddenly, and yet it was one that shouldn't have come as
a surprise to Chloe. Anyone would be curious about why an officer would
suddenly change departments, even if it were after a leave of absence.
But Chloe, in turn, was curious if Shayne was driving at something, as
he so often seemed to.

Waters: Sir?

Shayne: I can’t think of a position more different from helm than
mission specialist. Helmsmen react quickly, instinctively, and mission
specs take their time, collate data, make logical conclusions from
incomplete deductions.

Waters: There is still an element of... instinct involved, but...

Chloe trailed off for a moment, uncertain. She slowly looked around,
taking in every detail of the small, but still homey, ready room.
Shayne, as usual, seemed to give her the time to collect her thoughts,
something she was always grateful for. And as she did... she realized

Waters: Because I owe it to myself, and some of this crew.

Shayne: Response

Waters: I would not be who I am today without you. I would likely not be
alive if it weren't for R'Ariel, the medical staff. I would not be able
to express myself the way I can without Quentin. The two of you... have
been here since the beginning. I'm certain my career would look quite
different if you hadn't challenged me, if Quentin hadn't helped me.

Shayne: Response

Of course... that was only one reason.

Waters: And because... this is my home. I could have maintained my post,
transferred to another vessel. Started over from scratch. But you
believed in me once. You pushed me. Quentin encouraged me. Regardless of
my station, it is this ship, this crew, I have grown attached to.
Because this crew knows my strengths, my weaknesses, and has stepped up
to bolster them in the past. That is something I am not used to... and
something I don't know if I can leave behind as easily. It is something
I will be eternally grateful for. ::beat:: This is where I belong. With
this ship... with these people. A mix of those who know me, and those
who don't... means greater opportunities without losing connections I
have already made.

Shayne: Response

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