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Lase Ander

Jun 16, 2021, 8:45:09 AM6/16/21
((Genti II, Department for Diplomatic Contact))

Fentane Renswi was annoyed, he’d been due for his next promotion but he’d been looked over again. He’d need to speak with his Father to get to the bottom of this. The only reason he could see for this egregious error was they needed his expertise in dealing with the Federation. He was currently speaking to the assistant undersecretary to the chief of external relations and getting nowhere.

Renswi: The process clearly states that all possible information should be forwarded to the chief delegate prior to any contact. You have given me hardly anything other than their names

Tarki: I understand your frustration Fentane but…

Renswi: Not Fentane! Mr. Renswi or sir!

The sheer disrespect he was being shown was infuriating. You’d think he was being unreasonable but he was just asking for people to do their job.

Tarki: Apologies Mr. Renswi sir. I’m just trying to say that we’ve provided everything we’ve been given. There is nothing else we have.

Renswi: Well bloody well go and get some more. We must be able to find out more than names and service history. I want to know what this Shayne has had for breakfast and...::Looking at an image of Waters wearing crown::...why do they allow royalty to be their helm officer?

Tarki: We have no authority to ask for that information.

Renswi: I’m not asking, I’m telling. My father speaks of a new scanning technology that is ready for live trials, this sounds like an ideal situation.

Tarki: There is no way we’d be…

Renswi: Enough, get it done or I will initiate disciplinary proceedings against you.

At that Renswi hung up, he’d had enough and started packing up for the day. Tomorrow he’d meet with the Federation and he couldn’t think of anything worse. They were going to look down on the Genti and he’d make them pay for it by giving away the bare minimum.


Fentane Renswi
Chief Delegate
Department for Diplomatic Contact

As Simmed By:

Lieutenant J.G. Lase Ander
Engineering Officer
USS Arrow - NCC-69829

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