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Joseph George

May 27, 2023, 12:21:46 AM5/27/23
((Holodeck 1, Deck 4, USS Arrow))

Tro'k:  So, ::he nodded towards Ohnari:: you work in the Sick Bay, I am with Ops, ::looking over to Zabi:: and what is your job?

Zabi: I'm the pilot of this ship. So far I haven't crashed anything but my tour has just begun. ::He turned to the lieutenant:: So what influenced you to come over to Starfleet?

Ohnari: ::grinning:: Can't be for the snappy uniforms. 

Tro'k nodded again, letting out a small smile.

Tro'k: My house was too minor to get a commission out of the gate. I enlisted in the Infantry, and got placed in the arms room. I did well enough there that I got recommended for Officers training, that's how I ended up in the Quartermaster's Corp, and eventually in the Officer Exchange program.

Zabi: Sounds like a lot of work.

Ohnari: Hopefully worth it. 

Tro'k: I have pondered making a formal transfer, but we have newish Ops Ensigns, and I would potentially hinder their career advancement. Plus you're right doctor the KDF uniform is more interesting.

Zabi: Well, I heard we're going to Freecloud for shoreleave. It's quite an interesting place.

It sounded interesting certainly, but not particularly nice. Like a place with a Ferengi face, and a Cardassian soul.

Ohnari: ::grumbling:: That reminds me...I better get orders in for proper vaccines and measures...

Zabi: Response

Tro'k: I'm not certain anywhere in that place is particularly safe.

Ohnari: ::smirking:: We're all adults here, lets try and keep the burning sensations above the belt. ::dipping her head:: If you gentleman will excuse me, I will be prepping Sickbay for our arrival. ::she turned to leave and stopped suddenly:: Oh, and if you get any refraction dust on your clothes, burn them before returning. I doubt we want to be the premier bedazzled crew...

Oh, that's what she meant. As for refraction dust, he had no idea of what that was.

Zabi: Response

Tro'k: Farewell, doctor.

The woman bowed, and then headed out.

Tro'k: I'd like to explore the monastery further. You're welcome to join me, or I can leave you to your meditation.

Zabi: Response

Tag/End (or not)

PNPC Lieutenant Tro'k, son of Bk'na, of House Dr'kor 
Klingon Defense Force, Quartermaster's Corps.
Exchange Officer to the USS Arrow (OPs)

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- Lieutenant Commander Artinus Serinus

   Chief of Security

   USS Arrow, 


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