PNPC Ensign Ferentis: Dino-Snore

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Quinn Friedl

Sep 6, 2021, 4:48:00 PM9/6/21
((Deck 3, Main Engineering, Jefferies Tube 41 A, USS Arrow)) 

Ferentis was not the jealous sort. 

He couldn’t survive if he were. Being relegated a Gamma in the social hierarchy of his planet, his chances of passing his genes onto the next clutchyield were small. His family wished nothing to do with him- not for any reason he wanted, anyway. And, of course, he had never known the sensation of being wrapped in a womb. Eggs were a poor substitute. 
However, when presented the opportunity, it was only polite to take advantage of available possibilities, and Ferentis did so wish to be polite. It was what informed the continual survival of the crew- the dozy dinosaur could snap them up like snacks and look forward to the entree, but it would be most rude to consume the fleshmatter of his crewclutch. So, he refrained, and deferred to the large supply of candied targ flanks stored in the cargo bay. He’d similarly refrained from eating Commander Serinus’ mini-targ, despite certain inclinations. 

In any case, while wombs, and the warmth they imparted, were foreign to him, technology afforded him a great many chances to make good on his desires. The thought of being wrapped in a warm, confined space for any period of time was very nice. The heating lamp in his quarters was adequate but not terribly comfortable, and he was too large to move comfortably within the small accommodations of the vessel. 
However, there were areas of the ship where he could feel almost secure. The Jefferies Tubes were often cold, uncomfortable transportation torture chambers, but the one that lied and was accessible over the warp plasma tap near the warp core was downright cozy. 
This, therefore, was why the largest crewmember onboard, and undoubtedly the most ungainly, was snoozing comfortably therein. 
He was on duty, yes- but he would never say no to rest. Indeed, his fellow crew might thank him for staying out of the way, at least until they got used to his enormity waddling about the corridors at all hours. His tail alone had cost enough in that regard. 

One lidded, reptilian eye opened, and, seeing nothing, closed again. 
Now both eyes opened, but remained lidded. He was no predator, despite his appearance. 
Indeed, he was just about the most easy-going thing aboard. 
But the thunking was making rest difficult, so he hauled himself to his lizard knees, and began to crawl toward the other access point. Near the intersection ahead, he lifted his enormous, lethal skull…
...raising it as an unidentified crewmember poked her own head out into the intersection. 
He kept his mouth very closed for a moment, and in order to not scare her, tilted his head slightly. Smiling was out of the question- the last thing this creature likely wanted to see was his teeth- so he blinked slowly, and only spoke in a low, comfortable baritone. 
Ferentis: Good day. 
Ra: Response 
He blinked slowly again, and turned his head to yawn. Massive, bone-crushing teeth revealed themselves, and then were tucked away as the dozy dinosaur smacked his lips lightly in content, well-rested satisfaction. 
Ferentis: I was napping. And yourself? 
He spoke as a fact, not explanation or annoyance. His words were lined with the geriatric kindness that could come only from the old. 
Ra: Response 

PNPC Ensign Ferentis
Engineering Officer

As simmed by
Captain Randal Shayne
Commanding Officer
USS Arrow
NCC 69829
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