Cmdr. Shayne: Well-Earned, Part I

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Quinn Friedl

Mar 25, 2021, 4:32:47 PMMar 25
((Deck 1, Bridge, USS Arrow)) 
Shayne: With all that said, allow us to begin…

Shayne reached for the first box, one of the larger ones, and called out names. 
Shayne: Ensigns Caden and Alvarez to the front. 

He took his duties very seriously- even the more enjoyable sort- and so his voice and tone reflected that. In these moments, he leaned so hard into his stoney exterior that it was not hard to extend it into parody- precisely his goal. A crew worked best when their captain was predictable- he aimed to be so. As the ensigns moved to the stage, he turned to them, almost scoldingly. 
Shayne: Innovation is part of any good officer’s toolbox, but rarely have I seen it so frequently with this crew. Your work in discovering the Sheliak’s communications, and then your solution to the Iconian Gateway, saved countless lives, and was, I’m wagering, not based on a manual written to accomplish those goals. For your invention and quick wits, I am pleased to present you both with the Innovation Ribbon. Congratulations and thanks. 
Alvarez/Caden: Response 
He extended a hand to both in turn, and then affixed their ribbons, starting a round of applause that was carried by the rest of the crew. He was quick to move onto the next box. There was much to get through. Part of him regretted how difficult it was to present awards efficiently- certainly, there were others that were helpful in achieving the aforementioned successes, but their time would come, and it would be cushioned on larger developments. 

Shayne: Lieutenant Waters, front and center. 

The shy young lieutenant approached, and he removed a ribbon from its box. 

Shayne: Leadership is not something to be thrown on like a new shirt. It comes from within, and is forged in the furnaces of difficulty and the unexpected. You proved yourself ready at the least agreeable moment, and held this crew on your back for a short while. It should not have fallen to you, but when it did, you handled command with aplomb. For your stalwart and upstanding attitude, I am pleased to bestow unto you the Captain’s Commendation. May this be an instrument to bolster your confidence. Congratulations. 
He extended the hand upon fastening the ribbon upon her, and shook it firmly. 
Waters: Response 

As she retreated, Shayne pulled out another box. 
Shayne: Step forward, Counselor R’Ariel, if you would. 

The commander waited for the feline-featured confidant and counselor to join him on the stage. He knew his act worked less with her, even, then most others, and so he dropped it for the most part, allowing his voice to be slightly warmer. 
Shayne: Counselor. These past few months have been hell on this crew. We have sustained injuries to our bodies, our minds and our spirits. I know that I speak for some others when I say that you have been a icon of reserve, strength, kindness and compassion. You have seen us through dark times, and have found ways to make them light. With this in mind, I ask you to accept the Unity Ribbon, for your unceasing and untiring dedication to your profession, to this ship, and this crew. Sincere thanks and appreciation, Counselor. 
R’Ariel: Response 
With a handshake and half smile, Shayne was onto the next person. At this rate, they’d deplete the cloth reserves of the Federation in a matter of minutes. 
Shayne: Lieutenants Wilde and DeBarres, join me up here. 
Shayne waited with feigned impatience that fell away as the pair arrived. 
Shayne: Lieutenants. Away missions are always dangerous to some degree, but you both appear to have taken that to a new level on the surface of Theta 122. It’s not every Starfleet officer who manages to entangle themselves with a deathly cult, an Iconian Gateway, and Sheliak machinations, and live to tell about it. For your dedication to duty- and, presumably madness- please accept the Good Conduct Ribbon for your efforts. Congratulations. 
It was an odd decision Shayne had made- arguably, with one officer under the mind-altering affects of a trapped Iconian, and the other forced to stun the first, there would be no cause for such celebration. But, if nothing else, they’d resisted the uglier options, and Shayne was simply glad to have them back. It might have been a bit of a copout to exchange enthusiastic greetings with a bit of cloth, but the cloth would last longer, and he could still enjoy being known as an imperious busy-body. 
Wilde/DeBarres: Response 

Shayne: Commander Collins! To me, sir! 
His tone grew clipped and almost British- it was a darn shame he’d not worn an old Royal Navy sailing uniform. Considering Collins’ background, it might have been a more humorous inkling of silliness. 
Shayne: Commander, your penchant for either mitigating or getting out of rough situations through the use of diplomacy is something the Daystrom Institute probably ought to study. I am not sure how you do it, but that’s at least twice now that, in the face of mortal danger, you have opted for words and deescalation, even when no one would glance at you twice for pulling out your weapon and defending yourself. For your loyal and heartfelt dedication to the ideals of Starfleet, I am pleased to award you with the Diplomacy Ribbon. Congratulations. 
Collins: Response 
He looked at the final few boxes as his first officer retreated, and drew an even more solemn breath. 
Commander Randal Shayne
Commanding Officer
USS Arrow
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