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Cassandra Mason

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(( Holodecks, Recreation Area, RAFT-ONE))

Being on RAFT-ONE was surreal. An entire station that was no more than a ghost story to those she asked on the Arrow. But in her efforts to be more adventurous, it was hard to imagine a better opportunity to explore.

Maybe she’d let herself get carried away with the macabre, eerie, and gothic tales she liked to read this time of year because while wending through the corridor she swore she heard screams.

Voice: Enter any who wish to know.

The voice, something not quite present but also was, came from the holodeck as she approached. Outside of the doors, two women that Cassie vaguely remembered seeing among the groups coming aboard from the Arrow. But despite Cassie seeing them...the two seemed oblivious to the others’ company.

Hope: Huh?

It all felt strange. Too strange to be a simple Halloween activity put on by someone onboard RAFT-ONE. Too...bewitching.

Cassie watched as the other women went forward, beckoned in by the strange site of the boots. Boots that appeared to need no one in them to be in a hurry.

Hope: Why did I enter?

If something strange was going on it was technically her job to make sure that no one got severely hurt...And, well. Exploring Raft-One alone was getting a bit boring.

Squaring her shoulders, Cassie hoped that her years of reading atmospheric horror books have toughened her resolve. Walking in behind the other two, the ethereal mist returned slowly, lapping at their feet like the tide on a shoreline, almost pulling them out to sea as the air grew colder.

Cassie cleared her throat, hoping to get both women’s attention.

Mason: Lieutenant, are you aware of where you are right now?  ::slipping off her light jacket, Cassie hands it to Lieutenant Hope.:: Klingons are more susceptible to the cold, right? Take it.

Hope: Response

Mason: You both seemed almost in a trance, I followed to make sure you were both alright.

The mist cleared slightly, only to reveal a new display. An antique grandfather clock with the hands ticking as loud as the women spoke, demanding their attention. A pendulum swinging beneath the clock face forced Cassie’s eyes to it.

Were she a superstitious person she’d think it was a bad omen, the ticking down of something bad to come.

Mason: Whatever this is, it’s very restless...

Any: Response

The sudden brush of something against her leg, like fur or cloth, made Cassie shudder. Flinching, she pulls her leg up, almost knocking herself off balance and directly into the Lieutenant. 

Mason: Sorry, sorry. ::Reminding herself this is just a holodeck, she steadies herself and smooths out her clothes.:: Something touched me, I...I can’t see anything through this fog.

Any: Response

Mason: Right, sorry. Panicking won't help...

Any: Response


Ensign Cassandra E. Mason, MD
Medical Officer
USS Arrow - NCC-69829
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