PNPC Father Edward Morgan - Baptism of The Gods

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Regan Wilde

Jan 23, 2021, 8:32:50 AMJan 23

  ((Theta 122 - 'Sacred Cave'; Reservoir))

Their journey at an end, the Brotherhood made their new settlement on the banks of the reservoir deep under the ground of the planet. They had brought their flannel tents and meager possessions with them and were busy as bees trying to set everything up and make this new dwelling their home. 

Father Morgan oversaw the whole operation, guiding them to make their resources more useful. The mess tent would be more effective over there, don't you agree, brother? No, I don't want too many sleeping huts near the water.

After some time, the flock understood his wishes and he sighed in satisfaction. He felt good being this close to the water, the very thing he'd spent all these months trying to protect. The Gods would be pleased.

He checked his tricorder, mercifully working better underground than above it. Cheldon would be close by soon, and with him the group of Starfleeters. As much as he wouldn't tolerate outsiders near the water, he trusted Starfleet to act with an open mind and heart full of peace. This sort of thing was what they were chartered for, after all. He couldn't wait to show them, and have them join his noble cause!

Morgan turned to the great lake. It was vast and magnificent. Regal, almost. If you thought about it in those terms. The only information he had of it was what his old Starfleet-issue tricorder told him. But tricorders don't record what your eyes can see. The reservoir ran off to the right where a small river led into an ante-chamber, the Sacred Chamber. He adjusted his robes and made his way to it.

  ((Theta 122 - 'Sacred Chamber'))

Alone in the chamber, Morgan knelt by the pool of water which ran off from the main reservoir; like a small peaceful lagoon amidst all this rock. Ahead of the pool was an ancient rock totem, unfathomable to a human like Edward Morgan. Had it been a statue? A stone figure made in the image of the Gods? He didn't know, all he knew was it represented his Gods.

The water in the pool began to emit low emissions of light. Long, thin strange of yellow light began snaking their way from the reservoir under water into the river and gathering in the lagoon. The yellow light swirled languidly, and melded together as they spun, as if a giant spoon was stirring the lagoon. The light and energy swirled and swirled until the whole chamber had an eerie yellow glow, and Morgan fell to his knees in rapture. The Gods were coming!

Suddenly, the light burst through the surface of the water and began to take shape. A tall, featureless alien figure could be seen in the light, with a long deck and beady little head, with equally long arms. Large dark opal eyes with no pupils glanced around the cave, finally settling on the human in front of them.

When it spoke, it's voice took on a sound as if several beings were speaking in harmony, a chorus of angels, Morgan always thought. One body, many voices.

Thet: Morgan. 

Morgan: I am here, O' Great One!

Thet: Help us, Morgan. Time is running out.

Morgan: What must I do?

Thet: Energy. Hungry.

The light melodic tone of the alien sounded weak, almost frightened.

Morgan: I understand, Lord. I will not fail you!

Thet: Hurry, Morgan. Time is short. We need our strength.

Morgan: I obey, O' Mighty One.

The light rescinded back into the water, and Morgan stood alone and quiet. Sweat was forming on his forehead. Time was indeed short. Starfleet would have to wait! 

He ran back into the chamber and grabbed the closest brother he could find. A young Novan man from the refugee camp. He ushered the brother back through to the lagoon in the Sacred Chamber.

Morgan: A special day, my brother! You have been selected for an audience with the Gods!

Elrad: Me? Oh! I don't know what to say!

Morgan: Say nothing, brother. The Gods will hear it from your heart!

Positioning the boy in front of the lagoon, he shepherded the lad into the shallows of the water. The brother was timid at first, unsure if he should dare step into the sacred water. Morgan smiled encouragingly and gestured for him to move further into the pool.

Morgan: Blessed day! A young brother meets his Gods face to face.

Elrad: Is this far enough?

Morgan: Indeed my boy! Now, clear your mind, and keep your heart full of blessings for the Gods. ::He gazed on in wonder as the lights in the water returned.:: They hear you!

The lights made the same mesmerizing pattern in the still water as last time, circling the lad in robes in the water, dancing around his body as he waded in the pool.

Morgan: This is your Baptism, Elrad! Joyous day! You serve your Gods well.

The boy, with an obscene look of satisfaction and rapture on his face, flung his arms open wide as if to receive the Gods in his embrace. The tall alien made of energy rose from the depths of the water and stood before the boy. The same large dark alien eyes beholding him like they did Morgan before.

Elrad: Oh my! A God of Thet, standing before me. How can I serve you, Mighty God?

Thet: Die...

The energy being enveloped the boy in one go. The mortal body of the brother disintegrated, consumed by the yellow energy of the being. With only the briefest of screams of alarm, the room was soon silent again and Morgan was confident no one had heard. The Thet stood in the water solemnly.

Morgan: He has his Eternal Reward now. 

Thet: More, Morgan. We need our strength. More...


PNPC Father Edward Morgan
Spiritual Leader
The Brotherhood of Thet

As simmed by:

Lieutenant(jg) Regan Wilde
USS Arrow, NCC 69829
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