Lieutenant Chloe Waters: Nerves and New Experiences

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Jan 28, 2022, 6:39:28 AMJan 28
OOC: Skipping ahead just a little until after R'Ariel and Chloe had
changed into their respective outfits, just to keep things moving.


((Beachfront, Casperia Prime))

Chloe and R'Ariel had agreed to meet on the beach in half an hour. This
gave each of them plenty of time to change and do whatever they needed
to to get ready. Chloe had considered bringing Mandy along, but memories
seemed to surface of R'Ariel having some difficulties around her
companion- or, at the very least, seemingly showing some discomfort. So,
in the interest of a smooth experience, she left the self-sufficient
canine at home with a filled water dish and some food. She didn't know
how long she'd be on the planet. But part of her suspected this might be
an important occasion.

Chloe had decided to head down to the planet about ten minutes early as
it didn't take her long to get ready at all. She already had an idea for
a dress, though where it came from was anyone's guess. Even still, she
felt comfortable trying it. The dress was blue, and approached, though
didn't quite hit, revealing. Although, in comparison to what she had
first worn at Maria's guidance and her uniform she was practically
exposing herself.

Chloe looked down at herself, unfamiliar with so much of what she was
feeling. The cool breeze and ambient moisture in the air against her
skin. She was... excited? Nervous? The hoped R'Ariel liked the dress.
Blue did seem to be a color she enjoyed, after all.

There was a sound from nearby that Chloe almost didn't clock in her
thoughtful state. Still, something made her turn her head. Much to her
delight there was R'Ariel, standing in an unfamiliar dress of her own.
Chloe approached her and smiled warmly.

R'Ariel: Response

Waters: Hello. ::beat:: R'Ariel.

It was the first time Chloe had called her anything other than
"counselor" and although it was alien, it felt somehow... right. She had
already taken to calling her Chloe, long long ago, which made Chloe once
more wonder how R'Ariel felt.

R'Ariel: Response

Waters: I love your dress.

Chloe stepped closer and smiled once more, taking a little more time to
appreciate R'Ariel's appearance. She wouldn't deny it, she was nervous.
R'Ariel seemed so perfect. So wonderful. She didn't want to mess this up.

R'Ariel: Response

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