Lieutenant Chloe Waters: Cold Stop

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Jul 8, 2021, 1:30:32 AM7/8/21
((Mess Hall, Deck 2 -- U.S.S Arrow))

The Biriri had gotten under way. A single performance was behind them,
and another was set to begin any moment. But as she glanced over at
their visitors, Chloe noticed Dentak, yet again, not paying attention to
them. He was paying attention to his PADD.

Dentak: Bravo, Ensign! A... pretty little opening of the Bairiri. Tell
me, though, why you chose such a song, when your manifest says you have
an extensive background in dance?

Chloe slowly, but with purpose, stepped towards Dentak. She had had
enough. This was the end of Dentak's road, and she intended to finish
him. Fortunately, she was familiar enough with the concept of the Biriri
to do it.

Alvarez: Response

Dentak: ::Consulting his PADD.:: And it appears Lieutenant Rodan is
adept at playing a musical instrument, but it seems he is not present
here for this gathering.

R'Ariel/Anyone: Response

Dentak: Then, please, let us waste no further time!

Waters: Hold!

The word came out in a sharp bark. Chloe watched the room go silent for
a few moments as she stared daggers at Dentak, her expression ice cold
for several moments. She looked to Renswi once more.

Any: Response

Waters: Delegate Renswi. Before we continue, I hope you can clear
something up for me.

Chloe didn't afford Dentak a single glance. At least not yet. For now,
she pretended he was beneath her notice.

Renswi: Response

Waters: The purpose of the Biriri is for both sides to put forth their
best side, is it not? Both as an audience and during the performances?

Renswi: Response

Waters: I have continually noted Observer Dentak focused more on his
PADD than on his visit here. Is it typical for your observers to be so
engrossed in paperwork while studying other cultures compliance to your
customs? Surely someone in his position would have the necessary
information memorized. Is this truly your best side?

Dentak/Renswi: Response

Waters: I have reviewed the information provided to us regarding your
culture. According to the material I have read, it is traditional for
each side to observe the other's performances, nothing more. Yet
Observer Dentak appears to be breaking with that tradition by probing
members of my crew and attempting to influence our selection with some
very specific requests.

Only now did Chloe turn to look at Dentak. The look she gave him was...
quite frankly, dangerous. She intended to corner him, and she was fully
prepared to deliver the kill. The woman, in Shayne's body, stepped
closer while wondering if the hint she dropped while not even directly
speaking with Dentak, got his attention.

Waters: If I might say so, Observer, I am surprised to see you violating
your own customs. Customs which you are, after all, here to ensure are
followed. Is there something you wish to tell us? Or perhaps you wish to
withdraw your participation from this event.

If any side was going to back away from these negotiations, it would not
be Starfleet. Surely if Dentak opted to withdraw, he would have to
explain why. Both he and Renswi would have to explain to their superiors
why they backed away from such a profitable opportunity for their
people, when no customs had strictly been violated. Dentak could try and
argue himself out of this corner, but Chloe was uncertain what cards he
might have left.

Dentak/Renswi/Any: Response

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