Cmdr. Karrod Niac - Testing the Waters

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Karrod Niac

May 28, 2023, 12:38:04 AM5/28/23
to USS Arrow – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((XO's Office, Deck 1, USS Arrow))

With their leave on Freecloud fully underway Karrod had taken the rare opportunity to get caught up on the backlog of reports and authorizations that seemed to multiply like tribble the moment he looked away from them.  With a cup of tea that had gone cold on his desk minutes ago and eyes going bleary from an inventory report about the ships dry stores, Karrod found the chime at his door to be a welcome distraction.  He pulled his feet from his desk and straightened his slightly rumpled uniform jacket before calling towards the door.  

Niac: =/\= Come. =/\=

The doors swished aside, admitting a scarlet haired Lieutenant Commander that Karrod hadn't met.  

Waters: Lieutenant Commander Waters, mission specialist. I thought it might be prudent to introduce myself and check in with you, sir.

Karrod's ear tickled at the flat, oddly synthetic voice then remembered a detail from the personnel files he'd managed to read the day before.  Lt. Cmdr. Waters communicated through a specialized vocal implant that, while not without its drawbacks, allowed her to communicate verbally.  Karrod stood and offered a hand in greeting.

Niac: Welcome aboard the Arrow, Lieutenant Commander.  Welcome back aboard, that is.  I understand you were the ships helmsman for some time?  

Waters:  Response

Karrod nodded towards a seat across his desk and gestured for the woman to sit down as he did the same behind his desk.  

Niac:  Of course.  I've only been aboard for a few months myself but the Arrow makes quite the impression.  So, I understand you'll be working with us as a mission specialist.  Take me through that, I'd like to know where you feel you can be most effective.  

Waters:  Response

Karrod nodded and took a sip from his tea, muttering to himself discontentedly as the brackish cold hit his tongue.

Niac:  Would you like something to drink, Commander?  I need to swap this out for something a little less terrible.  

Waters:  Response

Standing and crossing to the replicator, Karrod placed the half full mug on the shelf and tapped at the controls.  The mug vanished and was replaced a moment later by an identical one whose contents were piping hot.

Niac:  Well, you've returned to us at an interesting time.  The Arrow has been stepping up its presence in the Alpha Isles over the last few months and, with the new Deep Space Thirty Three right on the border, the Federation has significantly increased its visibility in the whole region.  That's bound to shake up the power say nothing for whatever is already happening with the Sheliak.  Did you have many experiences with them in your previous tour of duty on the Arrow?  

Waters:  Response


Commander Karrod Niac
First Officer
USS Arrow - NCC-69829
Captain Randal Shayne, Commanding
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