Lt (jg) Zenno - Hey Conner, where you going with that phaser in your hand?

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Cobalt Penumbra

Nov 27, 2023, 6:25:37 PM11/27/23
((Simulated Phaser Range, Holosuites, Deck 4, USS Arrow))

Zenno monitored the engineer’s progress on the phaser range. Dewitt was rusty, but was rapidly improving. He might even pass on this try, if he kept it up. 

Dewitt: Usually, targets are bigger, you know - more humanoid-sized.

Zenno: Precision fire will always be to your advantage. Yes, you can hit things the size of people. But the number of times we have had to focus our efforts on smaller items are beyond count in the records. 

Connor nodded and tried again to score a hit finally. With a little more confidence, he watched the target disintegrate and a new one appear. He took a deep breath before aiming for the next one and missed it again. He looked at the Bolian.

Dewitt: Any advice?

Zenno: Adjust your stance and breathing. ::demonstrates:: Do not pull or press the trigger. Squeeze it gently. ::demonstrates:: 

Dewitt: I am not sure I live up to the high standards you set, Lieutenant.

Zenno: I do set some standards for certain things that I judge important for the department, such as the phaser charging we talked about. But when it comes to proficiencies such as this, I only enforce the standard, not my preference. In my opinion, too many officers confuse these two things. I am still very junior, but this is what I have seen. Now steady your breathing and take up the weapon. 

The engineer was able to hit the targets once he got his breathing under control, which pleased Zenno. If Dewitt could do another round at the same level, Zenno would be able to mark him off as proficient.

Dewitt: I am sure Commander Serinus must have been a good role model when it came to high standards?

Zenno: My experience with the Commander was limited to a single mission. He did set high standards but my knowledge of them was more in the telling than in the experience. I regret that I did not have more time with him. I am very much underwater with trying to get caught up on everything since his departure. But I am sure that he is doing well in his new role. 

Dewitt: Responses?

Zenno: I hope so. Also, we would have much to discuss. There are some personnel issues that I find most challenging. 

Dewitt: Responses?

Zenno: Ah, the computer has analyzed your performance and I have the results. You have met the standard for proficiency. But I would recommend additional practice. At least once every few weeks for 30 minutes would do a lot to keep you sharp. But before I sign off on your results, a pop quiz. This is for your safety. CAREL, demonstrate please.

Dewitt: Responses?

Zenno: Excellent work. Your proficiency is signed off. Thank you for stopping by and not having me chase you around to do it. Playing truant cop is the most dreary of work.

Dewitt: Responses?

Zenno: Computer, end program.

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