Lieutenant Connor Dewitt - Second Chances

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Tim Plath

May 25, 2023, 3:48:34 AMMay 25

((OOC: Sorry for keeping you waiting this long, I've fought with a pretty severe reaction to the bite of a 5mm insect -.- But things are getting better :) ))

((Shuttlebay 1, Deck 3, USS Arrow))

Dewitt: So, if you're that qualified... ::looking at Slipka again:: Why Starfleet? And why serve onboard a vessel where you will have to monitor pressure with your tricorder instead of staying on Risa for more advanced engineering or working at Daystrom Institute?


Slipka: ::laughing:: Sorry sir, did not mean any disrespect. Why Starfleet, because Starfleet is the best place to prove oneself. Starfleet is the best of the best. Starfleet sees the strange and unusual first. What better place to prove oneself. As for my assignment to the USS Arrow, one goes where one is assigned. I was assigned here by Starfleet Command. Problem is she is a small ship and I screwed up and well the whole crew knows. I am not averse to hard work though. 

Connor chuckled at her words.

Dewitt: Around here, we call her tough, not small, Ensign. And regarding the whole crew...

The Ensign cut Connor's words with a remark about the pressure.

Slipka: Sir the pressure is climbing, it will reach the red zone in a minute. Recommend we reduce the pressure slowly.

He nodded and started slowly reducing the calibration constants for the pressure while the diagnostic went through and was completed with an affirming noise.

Dewitt: Good job, Ensign. We're done with this part. Let's move on to the EPS relays. We're going to have to decouple distribution lines from the power converter, so it can be changed.

He nodded over to the position of the distribution node below the removed floor plating. Another short distance to climb over crossbars - Connor looked forward to the floor being closed again. He tapped a few last commands into the console they had been working on, and the automated webbing system retracted.

Slipka: Yes sir. How may I assist?

He handed her a PADD before continuing.

Dewitt: Make a note in the engineering log that the webbing system is working again. Next, you'll do the uncoupling of the distribution lines, and I'll monitor power flow rates.

After the Ensign had made her entry, they moved over to the distribution lines.

Dewitt: What I wanted to say is that people know about your missteps with the Libris, but they also know about your resourcefulness. I think it's a good step that you have a better view of things now than you did when you were on the Libris... ::pause:: Did the Captain give you a hard time?

Connor was curious. Most likely, the Captain would make certain things clear, especially to new officers. Not following the chain of command would have consequences if there wasn't a damn good reason for disobeying an order.

Slipka: Response

Dewitt: I guess, I value about the Captain that he somehow still has an understanding of what it is like. And he's not one that will hold those missteps against you. You'll have your second chance. I'm confident you won't waste it.

Slipka: Response

Connor smiled in satisfaction as they arrived at the power couplers. He took out the tricorder and configured an alarm if the power flows were getting too high. This complete EPS overhaul felt like open-heart surgery.

Dewitt: You can start with the decoupling process, start with lines 1 and 2 and lets work up to 8.

Slipka: Response

As she started working, Connor tried to get to know her a little better.

Dewitt: So, I guess I have an impression of Slipka the student and Slipka the officer... What about any family?

Slipka: Response


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