Counselor R'Ariel: A Dress To Remember For A Walk

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Jan 24, 2022, 2:00:22 PMJan 24
to USS Arrow – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((Sickbay -- U.S.S Arrow))

R'Ariel: Well, I am supposed to be resting, taking it easy.  Perhaps you have a suggestion?

Still leaning against the wall, she watched Chloe with interest as she pondered the question.   She really was a remarkable woman, and the Arrow was very lucky to have someone like her.  The hybrid Caitian-Deltan found herself in curiosity as to Chloe's forthcoming suggestion.

Waters: Would you like to go for a walk? On Casperia? With me?

A smile, a slow blink, and a nod of her head followed.

R'Ariel: That sounds lovely.

Waters: If you get too tired, I will bring you back here and see to it you make it safely to somewhere you may rest.

R'Ariel: Agreed.  I think I have just the dress idea to try out, for the walk.

She smiled as she imagined a white high low halter dress, with a blue-fade-to-white hemline that transitioning nicely up her figure before fading altogether at her waste.  Of course, the blue, would be Starfleet medical blue, if you looked very closely at the hemline where it was the darkest.  Of course, designing in the mind and replicating in the real life, sometimes had dramatically different results.  She found herself smiling more and more at Chloe, anxious for the future feedback on a dress that didn't exist, just yet.


Lieutenant Commander R'Ariel
Chief Medical Officer
Doctor of Psychology
USS Arrow
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