Lieutenant Commander Artinus Serinus - Mistakes and missteps.

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Joseph George

Oct 13, 2021, 3:40:24 PMOct 13
Serinus: We inadvertently went where we had no business being, trespassing on the domain of an apex predator.

Rodan: It was a calculated risk. It's our duty to investigate. How would you feel if we turned our back on that ship, and it held a thousand starving Gorn in need of our help?

What could he say to that? Not much really. There were clever people out there who could argue wholeheartedly, convincingly, against the obvious truth, but he wasn't one of them.

Serinus: Yes, sir. 

Rodan: I can see it is bothering you. You've never lost anyone on an Away Team before, have you?

Another frown slipped from his usually stoic face. At this pace, his handsome stone features would be marred by frown lines in no time.

Serinus: No. No, I haven't.

None of his enemies had gone so violently either, not even the beautiful panther like creature that had been stung to death by it's own scorpionesque tail thanks to the ESPers that the Columbia away team had been accompanying.

He watched as the XO raised his hand, in damage control mode.

Rodan: I didn't mean like that. I forget that the subject of death seems very blasé coming from a Joined Trill.

Serinus: Of course, sir.

He tried his damn best to control his tone. Joined Trill or not, the whole incident had offput him.

Rodan: You are going to lose people, Artinus. Whether it's through your action or unfortunate inaction. Or in circumstances far, far beyond your control ::Beat.:: You're an up and coming officer. You'll be in command red in the blink of an eye. But you are going to lose people. You have to accept it. But you sure as hell don't have to like it.

Serinus: In my line of work, sir, any death that can be prevented is caused by a mistake. The mistakes were mine. I accept them, and I accept the guilt both official and personal.

Rodan: Response

Serinus: It is my intention to learn from these mistakes, and prevent their repetition.

Rodan: Response



- Lieutenant Commander Artinus Serinus

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   USS Arrow, 


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