Cmdr. Shayne: A New And Different Game, Part II

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Quinn Friedl

Oct 18, 2020, 2:34:12 PM10/18/20
((Deck 2, Transporter Room, USS Arrow)) 

Shayne arrived just in time to see the particles again begin to coalesce. In the time remaining between the full materialization, Shayne wondered how it was possible that he was somewhat out of breath using elevators and a climate-controlled route. His attention, however, was again diverted by the appearance of the person that now stood proudly on the pad. Describing it would be difficult, and an exercise in… embouchure. 

Ghant: I did not think Starfleet had anything to do with...privateers.

So this was the pira- that was, privateer. Shayne gave her nothing; this individual was formidable, and if she possessed the capacity to tame and control a crew of otherwise lawless and unaccountable individuals, she would easily pose a rather enormous threat to them all. 

R'Ariel: But this is hardly a "private" party, we all have goals, maybe we can even common-page them.

Shayne’s eyes flickered toward R’Ariel, who seemed to sense the less than formal attitude permeating the compartment. As little as he understood the newly promoted counselor, he knew that her instincts when it came to feelings and related matters was to be trusted. 

Ghant: Quite. ::She said, only slightly baring her teeth.::

There was a superiority in her bearing, a sense of status that reeked. She knew what she was, this Ghant, and knew that she could control those around her. It was time to correct the illusion. He stepped forward. 

Shayne: Recent events have made us somewhat more… open to whom we open a dialogue with, Captain. Welcome aboard.

Ghant: Either way, I was...honored to accept the invitation. I am never on Starfleet vessels for very long.

Shayne could see why- she probably didn’t wish to remain on any, and they probably didn’t want the security risk. 

R'Ariel: Response

Wilde: I must say, Captain Ghant, I appreciate a captain who knows how to make an entrance.

Shayne’s lips pursed slightly as he noted Ghant’s bearing change drastically the moment she noticed Wilde. 

Ghant: That makes me ever so happy to hear. You know, I was quite perplexed as to what exactly I SHOULD wear to this little local symposium.

Wilde: I suppose it does give you some advantage over the male delegates.

Shayne stared in subtle horror. In five seconds, Wilde had managed to gain a more friendly diplomatic footing on this pira- privateer- than he had with the DaiMon in a good five minutes. She approached Wilde, and Shayne’s hands flexed quietly, in and out of fists. 

Ghant: And do you? Feel taken advantage of?

Wilde’s hesitation sent Shayne’s heart into freefall, but Wilde responded with something less than enthusiasm. 

Wilde: Barking up the wrong tree I'm afraid, Captain.

Shayne: oO Oh. Oo

It was a rather… restrained response, and though it featured Wilde’s typical expressionistic tendencies, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the commander had expected. 

Ghant: Oh, you would be surprised...Officer…

Was Ghant trying to seduce his security officer? Shayne watched with dull, incredulous eyes. Was there anything less romantic than pursuing someone in the dingy lighting of a transporter room with a prudish commander watching over everything? 

R'Ariel: Response

Ghant: Though, I will admit, I did not expect to be shown a favoritism.

Shayne ground his teeth again- by this time tomorrow, they’d be herbivorous nubs. 

Wilde: Response

Ghant: You haven't checked me for weapons yet...

Now Shayne’s eyes went wide, and for the first time in many, many months, he wished he’d taken a different career path. This was getting properly uncomfortable, but what could he do? Insist that she didn’t make such advances? Then she’d know that she had power over him. No, it was up to Wilde for the time being, and to that end, he put every scrap of faith he could manage into the man, who had been a steadfast officer, if something of a pain in the rear from time to time. 

Ghant: I AM currently listed in your Federation Criminal Registry as "At Large". For all you know, I could be housing a sheaf of oxidizing plastique in this doublet. 

Shayne took a moment to analytically view the figure of Captain Ghant, and then looked up, utterly unperturbed. 

Shayne: oO No, you couldn’t. Oo

Ghant: I am NOT, for the record, but all the same…

She lifted her arms, and if Shayne had been about ten years younger, and a lot fitter, and generally in a better mood, it might have been entertaining. As it was, he had just about had enough. 

Ghant: Why don't we just make sure?

Shayne: No. 

Shayne stepped forward, his features stony but his eyes alive, ready for any matter of unpleasantness to step his way. 

Wilde/R'Ariel: Response

Ghant: Response 

He extended a hand, a subtle insult that was very much intended. 

Shayne: Captain Ghant, welcome aboard the Arrow. I’m delighted you’ve already started to acquaint yourself with my officers. 

Ghant/Wilde/R’Ariel: Response


Commander Randal Shayne
Commanding Officer
USS Arrow
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