Lieutenant JG Grace Hope - Another Flashback

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Ben Stryker

Oct 14, 2021, 8:23:43 PMOct 14
to USS Arrow – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((OOC: Gonna fix a screwup on the date of Grace's post.))

S.S. Rocinante

 Stardate 239509.03

Three years ago


"Ow, son of a-" Grace muttered darkly while nursing the back of her head. She had a soft spot back there that seems to find its way to the top of the deck. It was dark and smelly inside the tube. A chime sounded in her badge. Tapping it, she replied, "Oh, hey!"

A grumbling sound of a Klingon muttered from the other end, "What are you doing, Grace?"

Grace blew a stray curled hair out of her eyes and exhaled, "Nothing. I mean, I'm here, Korex. You said the port relays blew or something?"

"Yes," Korex replied. A rumbling sound muffled his voice, but he spoke loudly enough, "It should be below the second valve. Quickly. You know how your mom gets when her ship is-"

"I know, I know," she sighed with a roll of her eyes. Opening the panel, she took out a tool from her box and scanned the relays. Putting her hand onto one of the sockets, she turned on her tool and allowed the laser weld the relays closed. Reconnecting the port relays, she re scanned her handiwork and tapped her badge, "Got it. You got it?"

Korek's affirmative grunt echoed his pleasure of the job well done. Grace smiled, "You did it again, Korek. Best engineer of the ship."

"Oh please. Shut up," Korex grumbled and ended the comm. Grace smirked. Laying back against the deck plate of the small Jefferies tube, she placed her hands under her head and laid there for a few seconds. Thinking back on the last few days especially since she finished the academy, she realized how much she would miss her friends on the ship. Korex. Kal...

"Ensign Gracelyn Hope-Sheppard Ral'Chx, what are you doing?" The intercom rang.

Closing her eyes, Grace exhaled a breath. Slapping her com, she inquired, "What is it, mum?"

Camryn's stern voice barked in her comm badge, "You were supposed to be up here a few minutes ago!"

"I just finished the repairs, mmm-" the young ensign tried before her mother cut her off.

"And? Get up here. We're not done. I need you. Now," she demanded.

Grace exhaled with annoyance and replied, "Hold onto your hats, mum. On my way."

"Hold-?" Camryn spat before Grace cut her off and crawled out of the tube.

Present Day - Holodeck (Raft One)

There were lots of things Grace wanted to do aside from exploring Raft One and a lot more to gossip about. The half El Aurian had her ear in almost everything and everywhere. As part of the race of listeners, Grace had to learn to stand still and listen despite her turbulent half-Klingon heritage. Walking along the corridor, she sniffed in the air and smacked her lips. There were plenty of smells that pulled her toward the sight of food.

Stopping before an open holodeck, sounds of laughter could be heard from within along with an ethereal spooky voice.

Voice: Enter any who wish to know.

Hope: Huh?

Sounds of laughter made her jump. Growling softly, she clenched her jowls and stiffened her sculpted muscles while straightening up her broad shoulder blades. The half-Klingon lieutenant made her appear tough. A sudden shiver went down her spine as something cold and feeling of dread washed past her. Echos of boots rumbled down the holographic corridor as Grace slowly walked through.

Hope: Why did I enter?

Curiosity? What else? Shivering out of it being cold, the young half-Klingon braved the loneliness hoping to see someone around the corner.

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Lieutenant JG Gracelyn Hope-Sheppard


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