PNPC Lieutenant Tro'k - Karaok you like a hurricane.

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Joseph George

Jan 27, 2022, 12:48:06 AMJan 27
((Interior. Shor's Shoals. Casperia Prime.))

Tro'k: Would you mind some extra company?

Collins: Mister Tro'k! Of course, of course! Please! Join us! Have a drink should you wish!

The Chief Scientist casually pointed his way.

Collins: Jacin Ayemet, may I introduce Mister Tro'k? Another recent arrival to us and someone with wonderful taste in gagh, come to mention it!

He gave a gruffly curt nod, which was offset somewhat by the large grin on his face.

Tro'k: Tro'k, son of Bk'na. KDF exchange officer, Ops.


A few button taps later and Commander Collins was ready to do, whatever he was about to do, which involved a microphone.

Collins: This old favorite...

A few more movements from the lanky and tall man, and a song that sounded much unlike anything Tro'k would purposefully listen to began to play. But Quentin seemed to enjoy it. Or so his smile seemed to indicate.

Collins: Thought that I was going craaaa-zay/
Just havin' ONE of those days, yeah/
Didn't know whaaat to dooooo/
Then there was yooooooOOOu!

Quentin seemed to be pointing towards the general direction of the bar. 

Collins: Then everything went from WRONG to RIGHT/
And the stars came out and filled up the sky/
The music you were playin' really BLEW my mind/
It was LOVE (love) at first sight!

While still not Tro'k's kind of music, there no was denying the admirable passion and emotion in the man's performance. 

((Some time later))

Collins:'s s-something like that....

Jacin: Response

Tro'k joined in the applause, as it seemed to be the polite thing to do, and Commander Collins had indeed given it his all.
Any: Response

Collins/Jacin/Any: Response

Tro'k: It was a very spirited performance.

Collins/Jacin/Any: Response

Tro'k: I don't know. I doubt that they have any Klingon Thrash Metal.

Collins/Jacin/Any: Response

Tro'k guffawed, doubling over in laughter.

Tro'k: Oh no, Klingon Opera is for old men! 

Collins/Jacin/Any: Response


PNPC Lieutenant Tro'k

Klingon Defense Force, Quarter Master's Corps.

Exchange Officer to the USS Arrow (Ops)

As simmed by:


- Lieutenant Commander Artinus Serinus

   Chief of Security

   USS Arrow, 


   Publicity Team/Social Media Team

   C239607AS0 -

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