MSNPC GUL Dakul - Not a happy camper

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Mark Swift

Oct 12, 2020, 10:19:02 AM10/12/20

((Hecklat - Bridge))

The Glinn brought the larish pie and presented it to Gul Dakul, the Commanding officer of the ship.  He was wondering how much longer he would have to put up with this disgrace, he was second in command after all. His sin of informing the legate was ..regrettable but not that out of line for the idea that maybe he might have his own command some day. He needed allies and a little back channel was usually a good idea.Usually.

Glinn Dekeal: Here is your pie.::It was a neutral tone despite the facial expression that he couldn't hold back.

Dakul : Go and get piece for yourself why don't you.::With almost a snarl.::

Dakul took the pie and placed it on the console. He looked over at the helm control and scratched his chin.

The bridge was quiet but for the automated noises of the bridge. They had been stuck in the same location for days and it was grading to everyone. Even the view screen was dark as everyone had gotten bored of it long ago. Dakul had sent his daily messages to Command, but there wasn't any update on orders. He was wondering if anyone was actually reading them.  At least they had ample supplies, but the crew was almost as restless as he was.

oO Kanar I need Kanar.Oo

He fought the urge. Dukal would be off duty soon and he could get drunk if he desired.  Best not to show it to the rest of the crew. However they probably already knew, with little to do, rumor was ripe about everyone aboard the ship.

He looked at the pie and picked up the utensil and cut a piece. He took it, ate most of it and coughed.

Dukal: Who made this abomination? ::He lifted it for a moment, but thought better of throwing it away. He pulled it back down.::

Dukal:: Looking at Dekeal:: I read your personal file. You had a mother that was a good cook. Make me a good piece of pie and you might get back in my good graces.::Showing a warped smile.::

END (for now)

MSNPC Gul Dakul
Cardassian ship Heckel

simmed by DeBarres
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