pNPC Lt. jg Danni James: A Nightmare

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Rune Jolara

Feb 5, 2016, 9:53:01 AM2/5/16
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Apollo-A
((QSD Control Room, Deck 36 - USS Apollo-A))

::It was all just a very bad nightmare. One that Danni couldn't wake up from. At least that's what she kept telling herself as she lay on the floor unable to move. The first stab felt like a lava poker jabbed into the base of her skull setting every nerve ending she had in her body on fire. After the second stab, she felt nothing at all except the pounding migraine that threatened to make her throw up.::

::She should be terrified. That's what that micro part of her still function brain screamed but she couldn't even grasp that single emotion. She could still hear the rushed movements of whoever was in the room with her. Why or what they were doing was unknown.::

::Then the sounds of boots scuffling around stopped and she felt a cold pressure on the back of her neck in the exact spot she had originally been stabbed... or whatever had been done. Her body involuntarily jerked and she cinched her eyes closed against the pain.::

Female Voice: I'm sorry. I know it hurts like hell but it won't for too long. ::Danni froze... or she would have if she hadn't already been paralyzed as the voice... her voice broke through the pain.:: I don't expect you to understand right now but some day you will. None of this is suppose to be happening yet but I didn't have a choice.

::Danni tried to speak but the words wouldn't form.::

Female Voice: No. I'm not going to kill you. ::sound of a chuckle:: That would be like suicide or something. ::Placing a hand on Danni's shoulder.:: You have to listen. All of this... all of the devices and false readings are a distraction. Of course you already figured that part out. The ship HAS to get to Sarshay or nothing turns out the way it's suppose to. The QSD will be ready to go back on-line in 30 minutes. ::pause:: I can't tell you how, you just have to trust me like you trust yourself. ::another chuckle:: Then again more than you trust yourself. ::another pause and some movement:: I wish I could explain it all so it won't scare you so much, but I don't have time. Once your head clears and the process is finished, you'll figure it out.

::There was the sound of boots on the deck-plating and the woman stood up.::

Female Voice: Luna will be here in a few minutes to find you. ::Danni could hear a strange crackling sound like energy sparks and the light in the room brightened.:: She loves you Danni James. Don't do anything stupid to screw it up.

::Danni blinked in complete confusing and then the room went dark. This was a nightmare... nothing but a nightmare...::

((Flashback - Main Engineering - USS Apollo-A))

::Danni took a deep breath and slowly released it.::

James: Sorry. Guess I'm tired and the crap keeps piling on.

::The stress was getting to her. She hated to admit it but that was the truth. Merrick turned to face her, though the solid blacks of his eyes made it nearly impossible for her to tell if he was actually looking at her.::

R’Ven: It may not be that the box needs to communicate information with someone near Earth, but to where we are going .

::She thought about that for a second and then nodded slowly.::

James: So we may be looking in the wrong direction. I guess that makes sense.

R’Ven: We need to determine who made these devices and who they are designed to communicate with and do it quickly. Has your scan on the machine completed?

::Danni glanced toward the work station to check the readings.::

James: Almost.

:: Merrick touched his combadge and opened a channel to the bridge ::

R'Ven: =/\= Lt R'Ven to Commander Blair. =/\=

Blair: =/\= Blair here, how can I help? =/\=

R'Ven: =/\= Sir, the task I have been assigned to is getting increasing complex, but we need to find all materials related to it. =/\=

Blair =/\= I’m sorry Lieutenant, I’m not sure what you need. =/\=

::R’Ven paused before responding.::

R’Ven: =/\= If we can get an energy signature and / or a material composition on this. We can do a ship wide scan for more of them. =/\=

James: =/\= Another problem is we're spread a little thin down here, Commander. =/\=

Blair: =/\= I’ll be happy to get you what you need, just help me out here. Lt James, you too. Ideas on where to get either one?

::Merrick frowned, folded his arms behind his back and breathed out slowly.::

R’Ven: Sir. We have the items here that we need to scan for, we can send the information to the science station to do a ship wide scan.

:: Her console beeped at her to indicate the diagnostic on the QSD she'd set into motion was finished. ::

James: ::frowning:: =/\= I'm going to need to run another diagnostic on the QSD. I'm still not finding anything wrong with it down here. =/\=

Blair: =/\= Okay, we’ll get started on it. Keep working on things from your end, and R’Ven try to see if your problem is related to the QSD problems. =/\=

R'Ven: =/\= Understood =/\=

Blair: =/\= Okay then, you have work to do Lieutenants; Blair out. =/\=

((End Flash Back))

((QSD Control Room, Deck 36 - USS Apollo-A))

::Funny what runs through a person's head when they think they're dying. Danni was finally able to roll onto her back and then slowly sit up. The pounding inside her skull sent her leaning forward with both hands cradling her head. She took a slow, deep breath.::

::Once her head stopped feeling like it was about to implode, she tapped her comm-badge.::

James: =^= James to Cmdr Walker. =^=

Walker: =^= [tag]

::The sound of Luna's voice pierced through her head as if the woman was screaming inside her skull.::

James: =^=Need your help.=^=

Walker: =^= [tag]

James: =^=Please... QSD Control... =^=

Walker: =^= [tag]


pNPC Lt. jg Danni James
   Engineering Officer - USS Apollo-A
(simmed by Rune Jolara)
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