Lt Cmdr Didrik Stennes – Like a band-aid

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Jan 18, 2017, 2:24:46 PM1/18/17
to UFOP: StarBase 118- Andaris Task Force

((USS Darwin, Deck 10, Counseling Suite))

::Things were going well.  Didrik wasn’t tongue tied.  His words matched his thoughts, and everything seemed to be heading toward a polite and tidy conclusion.::

Stennes:  And I want to apologize for the way I left things.  Yes, my service record says I left Darwin to pursue a qualification at the Academy, but my emotional record says I was running from some personal issues that I didn't want to handle.  And it’s not the first time I’ve done that.

Brell: You have told me of your past. …  I missed you and our times together.

::So much for a polite and tidy conclusion.  Didrik said nothing, partly because wanted to see whether Brell would attempt to fill in the silence with , because he didn’t know the right combinations of words that would make him seem like anything but a jerk.::

Brell: So. Where do we go from here? We or I tell my spouses one way or another that consequence cannot be ran from any longer. Not with Lyldra going to DS26 me to Atlantis and you to Blackwell. It would be too easy to keep the lie going and I can’t.

Stennes: I know.  And you shouldn’t have to.

::Now it was Didrik’s turn to stare into the silence and decide how much further to prolong it.::

Stennes:  What I’m saying is… I don’t think we should go anywhere from here.  For all the reasons you’ve said, and also because… I don’t think I have the same feelings as you do.

::There was no good way to say it, but it had to be said.  Didrik had no idea how Brell would react, and the longer he waited for a reaction the more nervous he became.  He would never have described himself as a stringer-alonger, but Didrik couldn’t argue with the facts.  First Elrem Tiro and now Brell.  Rather than have the hard conversations, Didirk had either fled or faked.::

Brell:  response

Stennes:  While I was back home on Earth.  I had a lot of time to think about my life, and I came to conclusions about a lot of things.

::Didrik had never known Brell to be super demonstrative about his feelings, so he wasn’t expecting a severely emotional response.  Rather, Didrik predicted Brell would want to distance himself from Didrik as much as possible, to forget that he’d invested something that had given him nothing back in return.  Of course, Didrik’s predictions were irrelevant.  All that mattered was Brell’s real-world reaction.::

Brell:  response

Lt Cmdr Didrik Stennes


USS Darwin NCC-99312-A



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