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Wil Ukinix

Nov 30, 2021, 5:51:01 AM11/30/21

((Ops, Copernicus Centre, Amity Outpost))  

: Wil, we have a new crew member: this is Ensign Paarus Zalbac, our new operations officer.  

Wil swiveled around when he heard Rivi’s voice.  Upon seeing Ensign Paarus, Wil took a step forward and offered his hand to the Bajoran.

Paarus: Greetings! 


Ukinix: ::Smiling:: G’day Ensign, welcome to Amity.  


Vataix: This is Dr. Kamoyo Aleksandrov, a geologist on Amity.  


Aleksandrov: Bright greetings to you, Ensign. 


Vataix: All right, so what do we have here exactly? How many are there?  


Ukinix: It’s hard to tell exactly, but we’re looking at around a thousand, maybe a grand and a half.  Our scanning techniques are getting better, but they aren’t perfect.  We can scan for their, um… you know… oO Poos Oo. I’ll let Doctor Kamoyo explain.

Keehani: ::To Rivi:: ~Their poos.~

Aleksandrov: Because of what they consume, what goes in must come out Ambassador. Their… emissions so to speak, which have a unique signature all their own. Combined with the type of lifeform they are, we have come up with modified settings that will give us a more accurate count.


Paarus: Station systems appear to be within standard variances. The mezzanine roof is taking quite a beating. I am working on reinforcing the structural integrity fields around the mezzanine. That should give us some breathing room while we figure out our next steps. 


Rivi observed the holographic Amity in the centre of the room.

Vataix: Do we have any idea why they're congregating around us?  


Ukinix:  They’re attracted to Federation ships.  Maybe with the increased ship activity since we’ve been here, it’s attracted the Stellae our way, in big numbers.

Aleksandrov: Our emissions you could say.

Keehani looked out to the shuttle bay. Through one of the entrances, she could see the creatures zipping past at almost frighteningly fast speeds, their beautiful and colourful tendrils flowing behind them.  Shuttle bay personnel were amassed at the entrance, watching the creatures and talking to each other.

Keehani: ::Raised eyebrow:: They’re certainly having fun.  


Paarus: These creatures are quite beautiful. It's no wonder that they have become a central feature of Halwat culture. ::returning his focus to the console:: It doesn't appear that they are causing damage to the station, but they are very much in the way of standard operations.

Ukinix: I’ve asked Commander Iovianus to assess if the creatures can harm any part of the station, but even if they can’t, we need to clear them so we can get ships in and out.

Paarus: ::Thinking out loud:: Can the Halwat control these creatures? Perhaps they can help us somehow keep them away from the station? 


Aleksandrov: ::moving to stand next to the ensign:: As I understand it, they follow these Angels from place to place. 


Vataix: Response 

Keehani: There is the matter of the Hawlat.  We are in the midst of diplomatic negotiations, and any wrong move now could set us back several steps.

Ukinix: ::Scowled sigh:: Stuff the Hawlat, Keehani.  I’m all for cordial Federation relations, but the situation has changed.  This is an immediate operational matter now.

Keehani crossed her arms, lowered her chin, clenched her jaw, and shot her second cousin an unimpressed *look*. 

Aleksandrov: ::white eyebrows go up:: Now really, Commander... 


Vataix: Responses 

Wil walked over to a nearby console, and brought up an operational list.

Ukinix: The Yosemite is out, taken by Reade, Araiadust, Wong, Kivik and Iko.  All other ships are in, including the Indy-B on Terminal A which is probably being buffeted by Stellae as we speak. ::More taps:: It’s secure on the Terminal, and in one piece.  No damage.

Vataix: Response

Paarus: Have we considered trying to fence in the Stellae somehow? We could route some of the station's plasma exhaust that we use to power our subsystems to external ports. We could collect the exhaust using a photonic resonance field. Perhaps the creatures could be corralled into a controlled area out of flight paths and critical infrastructure? 

Ukinix: Maybe it’s a matter of divide and conquer.  ::Looking towards one of the large windows with view outside to shuttlebay:: What about the worker bees, they’re pretty small.  We’ve got thirty of them, they’re all in section Bravo of the shuttle bay. Point-zero-one C top speed is nothing to sneeze at.  If we could get the Stellae to follow them somehow, we can send them off in all different directions away from Amity and have the Stellae follow them.  Kinda like multiple pied pipers.

Paarus: The worker bees are highly maneuverable and I bet they would work well to herd the Stellae. We will be like cowboys but in space! We will need somewhere to herd the creatures...  

Keehani: What should we tell the Hawlat, Ambassador?

Vataix: Response 

Paarus: Just say the words, Commander, and I can get reroute the plasma and get to work on the "fence." I estimate I would need about 20ish minutes to establish a photonic resonance field. That should give us enough time to get the worker bees into position. 


Aleksandrov: ::holds up a warning finger:: All that is presuming they won’t find the fence a tasty treat. 

Paarus: The fence would be made out of photonic energy. Are you telling me that the Stellae eat photonic energy?

The new Ensign seemed to be annoyed, Will sensed it and exchanged a glance with Keehani, who as a full Betazoid, also sensed it.

Ukinix: ::Looking back at holographic display:: That’s a lot of fencing.

Vataix: Response

Aleksandrov: That is the source of our problem. They are attracted to… our ::does air quotes:: Emissions. They eat plasma. They might think our exhaust is feeding time. 

Paarus: ::in a bit more pointed tone than he intended:: That is exactly the point. Our plasma exhaust would be the food to keep the Stellae occupied while we establish the "fence"... ::addressing both of his superior officers:: Commander Vataix, Commander Ukinix - what are your orders?

Keehani raised her eyebrows.  Things were becoming a little tense.

Ukinix: Um – Ensign, that’s “Ambassador” Vataix, and-

Vataix: Response

Keehani gave Rivi a quick glance.

Keehani: ~ ::Telepathically to Rivi:: Do they all come out of Starfleet Academy like this? ~

Aleksandrov: We have found an area they cannot do damage to, but leading them there will be the trick. ::smiles:: The Commander wants to be the bad parent and drop off the children.

Wil smiled a little at Kamoyo’s cheeky comment, but but felt the tension in Ensign Paarus who was monitoring a console at a nearby station.  Wil observed as the Ensign seemed to take a calming breath, before speaking.

Paarus: We might be able to connect the 30 workbees into a swarm of sorts. They could be our "herd dogs" to help corral the Stellae and guide them away from the station. We have hundreds of Stellae outside, will our 30 workbees be enough?

Ukinix: We don’t know until we try, but 30 is hopefully more than enough to get a start.  They’re pretty dumb and follow each other.  If enough follow us away, that will free up some room around the station and allow us to get some of our other ships out to herd the rest away.

Vataix/Aleksandrov/Keehani: Response

Wil pulled up the drone plans that Lieutenant Reade and co had been working on.  As a former engineer himself, he read through the schematics and started getting ideas.

Ukinix: We can adapt the work bees to give off the same emissions, using a version of the drone affixed to each bee.  If the emissions are tasty enough for them, yes we can herd them up, then split up in groups and take them to their new home.  Or homes.  ::To Kamoyo:: Doctor, we’ll rely on your suggestions for that.

Vataix/Aleksandrov/Keehani/Paarus: Response

Ukinix: With enough of the Stellae led away from the station, our remaining auxiliary craft and the Indy-B can join in the drove.  They can emit the same gases.  ::To Rivi, smiling:: Ambassador, fancy taking a Defiant class out for a spin?

Vataix: Response

Aleksandrov/Paarus: Response

Ukinix: I’m going to take one of the worker bees.  ::To Zal:: So are you Ensign.  That’s two down, only twenty-eight to go.

Vataix/Aleksandrov/Paarus: Response

Keehani: We need to tell the Hawlat delegation about this plan.  I hope they like it.

Vataix/Aleksandrov/Paarus: Response

Ukinix: ::To Parrus:: Ensign Paarus.  A word?

Paarus: Response

(OOC: Assume this next part out of earshot of everyone else!)

With a smile Wil gestured for Zalbac to follow him to a quiet corner of Ops.

Ukinix: Nervous first few moments, huh?  Talk about thrown in the deep end.

Paarus: Response

Ukinix: Understand, Ensign.  Just keep in mind this is a Diplomatic Corps facility, ultimately we answer to them.  And Starfleet, along with the Corps, work side-by-side with the specialised civilians on the station.  They may not have rank, but they have nous and we need them just as much as we need our officers. 

Paarus: Response

Ukinix: It’s alright, this is a tense situation.  We’re trying to delicately negotiate with the Hawlat who worship these creatures, while making sure this shiny new outpost is operational.  ::Smirk:: You might owe Kamoyo a coffee though.

Paarus: Response

Wil gave the Bajoran man a smile, then gestured with his chin to the centre of the room.

Ukinix: C’arn, let’s go back, we’ve got some worker bees to pilot.

Paarus: Response

The pair re-joined the conversation in the centre of ops.  Wil clapped his hands together once, before rubbing them together.

Vataix/Aleksandrov/Paarus: Response

Ukinix: Righto, it’s droving time!  ::Tapping console, entering orders for engineering::  I’ll get engineering on to modifying the bees immediately. ::Tapping combadge:: =/\= Attention all Starfleet personnel.  We’ll need twenty-eight officers to each fly a worker bee to lead the Stellae away from Amity.  Assemble in section Bravo of the shuttlebay in one hour.  Ukinix out. =/\=

Vataix/Aleksandrov/Paarus: Response





Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix    

Starfleet attaché and First Officer    

Amity Outpost

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