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Wil Ukinix

Oct 10, 2021, 3:50:31 AM10/10/21

((“Three Lines” bar, Grand Mezzanine, Amity Outpost – 1348 hours))

Wil was on a mission to visit all of the vendors that were open and notify each one of the impending festival that night.  He walked past the fancy looking bar that had a clear sign with three blue lines on it. 

Nowhere on the outside of the bar was there a name.  Unlike “The Glommer and Beagle” pub next door which took up two vendor spaces, the bar filled half a space, making it very narrow.

The door to the establishment was slightly open, with a few lights on inside.  Wil made his way through the door, to find a Vulcan woman inspecting the shelving that was metres high.  Each shelf was clear, and had a dull blue glow, which made the hundreds of different bottles that were on display eerily light up.

Behind her was the long main bar, which was made of a blue polished material.  It was the same colour as the stripes on the sign outside.  Ten single stools were positioned in front of it, each evenly and perfectly spaced.  On the right-hand side of Wil directly opposite the bar sat a row of 6 blue “U-shaped” lounges that had clear tables situated in the middle of them.  Each lounge that acted as a booth would fit 6 to 8 people, Wil guessed.  The walls, carpet and roof of the bar were a dark grey.  The décor of the entire bar was simple, clean, and modern.

T’plotuk: I appreciate your patronage.  However I must inform you that I am merely readying stock at this time. This establishment does not open until 4pm.  You may return then.

Wil placed his hands behind his back and smiled.

Ukinix: Of course, I’m actually here on business.  I’m from Starfleet.

The woman turned her attention momentarily to Wil.

T’plotuk: Yes.  It is logical to assume that from your uniform.

Wil instantly put his hands on his stomach, as if to remind himself that yes, he *was* in fact wearing a Starfleet uniform.

Ukinix: Yes.  Good spotting. 

The Vulcan woman simply raised one eyebrow.

Ukinix: Let me try that again.  ::Stepping forward, offering hand:: Hi, I’m Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix, Starfleet attaché.

The Vulcan reached over the bar and offered her hand in return.

T’plotuk: It is congruent to make your acquaintance, Commander Ukinix.  Welcome to Amity Station.  I am T’plotuk, owner and operator of Three Stripes.

Ukinix: “Three Stripes.” That’s the name of this bar?

T’plotuk: Correct.  I have deliberately not advertised the establishment’s name on the outside of the premises, to pique curiosity and generate the need for investigation by potential patrons.

Ukinix: Ah, keeping it mysterious, I like it.

T’plotuk paused for a moment.

T’plotuk: That could be considered a simple method of describing it, yes.

Wil gently chewed his bottom lip to stifle his smirk.

T’plotuk: What is the business that you would like to discuss, Commander.

Ukinix: Tonight, at the request of Ambassador Vataix we’re going to hold an impromptu festival, kind of like an unofficial, casual way of welcoming everyone to the station.  I wanted to let you know.  We aren’t sure how many people are going to turn up.

T’plotuk: I see.  Thank you for the notice, albeit short, Commander.  This establishment has only been in operation for three days, and I am expectant of the opportunity to welcome a high calibre of clientele.  My bar serves the finest sprits, liqueurs and wines from across the four quadrants.  Along with cocktails that are perfectly symmetrical.

Ukinix: …symmetrical?

T’plotuk: Correct.  It is what makes this establishment’s cocktails unique.  They are a perfectly symmetrical work of art as much as they are a beverage of the finest ingredients.

Impressed, Wil pursed his lips and nodded.

Ukinix: ::Smiling:: I look forward to trying one.

T’plotuk: Of course, Commander. I look forward to providing you with one.

Ukinix: Great!

Wil nodded again, clasped his hands together, and with a smile looked around the bar one more time.

T’plotuk: After 4pm.

With the hint taken, Wil politely raised a palm and gave T’plotuk a nod, then made his way out of the door.







Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix

Starfleet attaché and First Officer
Amity Outpost


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