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Wil Ukinix

Dec 1, 2021, 4:38:51 AM12/1/21

(OOC: If anyone who has a Starfleet character still on Amity who wants to be a Work Bee pilot, or wants to add a new or existing Starfleet NPC, feel free to join in!)

((Shuttlebay, Section Bravo))

Engineering staff were running around with toolkits, tricorders and various random equipment, putting the final touches to the Work Bees based on the prototype drone made by Reade, Ariadust, Iko and Wong.  The designs had to be adapted for the Work Bees by engineering personnel.

For a split second, part of Wil missed being an engineer. 


He looked at his PADD that he was holding in his hand.  It contained the diagnostic results of the tests run during the holodeck simulations of project KIRA.

He wondered what “KIRA” meant.

He put his finger and thumb to his lips, then blew to make a loud whistle that reverberated around the shuttle bay.

Ukinix: Work Bee pilots!  ::Gesturing for them to assemble::

Dressed in an EV suit, he made a few paces towards the suit’s helmet that was sitting on the ground.

Ukinix: Alright everyone, listen up.  Everyone should be in an EV suit, if not, get yourself into one.  Engineering have fitted each Work Bee with a modified version of a prototype drone device that was created only a few hours ago.  We would have liked more time to test these out, but we’ve had to make design changes on the fly.  Engineering is putting the last adaptations on your Work Bee now.  Your console will have a control to turn the devices on and off. 

Wil placed his hands on his hips, then walked a few paces to the left.

Ukinix: This is a three-stage plan.  Stage 1, lure the Stellae away from Amity.  Every Bee has a unique course laid in, follow it as best you can.  Once we get the majority of the creatures away, the photonic resonance field will be activated, which we hope will deter the remaining creatures from Amity and stop any from wanting to come back.  If that works, we’re in Stage 2.  Rounding the Stellae up.  Work together in groups of say 4 or 5, and try to get the Stellae to amass as a group.  Then we’re in stage 3 - relocation.  Navigate to the coordinates provided by Doctor Aleksandrov, turn off your plasma devices, and hopefully the Stellae will remain in their new home.  The Indy-B, the Daintree and any other auxiliary craft that can will come and assist us.  But to do that, we need to get as many Stellae away from the station as we can first.

The First Officer paused momentarily, eyeballing as many of the assembled pilots as he could, before picking up his helmet and holding it under his arm, resting it against his waist.  He looked out of the nearest shuttlebay exit, and observed the creatures that were either hurtling past, or performing loops, some crashing into the side of the Outpost.  He turned back to look at the assembled crew.

Ukinix: I remind you that your Work Bee has no shields.  This is seat of your pants stuff.  These modified drone devices are untested, so be ready for anything.  Once you’re in your Work Bee, contact one of the transporter centres so they can get a transporter lock on you.  At the first sign of any danger, as long as you’re within range, they will beam you back to Amity.  ::Pause, deep breath though nose::  Questions?

Paarus?/Any?: Responses

(OOC: Happy to backsim here)

Ukinix: These creatures may be cute and, let’s face it, dumb, but that doesn’t mean this task is without risk.  Be careful, be aware and be prepared to adapt.  Dismissed.

Wil put his helmet on, and made his way to Ensign Paarus.

Ukinix: You’re all set?

Paarus: Response

((Flashback – Bridge, USS Veritas, Stardate 239511.18))

Ukinix: Captain Rahman. Ensign Wil Ukinix reporting for duty, Sir.

Wil’s initial nervousness and embarrassment from being the new person waned slightly.  His mind snapped properly to the present, and he looked around to assess the situation.  He felt alertness as well as relief in the other officers here.  He could see a few of them also had wry grins.  What had he just walked into?:

Rahman: Ensign, right on time. ::She gestured to Teller.:: This is Ensign Teller, the acting chief engineer.

Wil looked towards Teller, and could sense his feeling of shock and surprise – that, and the position his eyebrows were in would make a Vulcan jealous.

Rahman: For now.

Teller: Damn, Captain, I didn't think the coffee was that good.  Thank you, I won't let you down.  

Rahman: We’ll have to finish the check in later. Go with Ensign Teller down to engineering to begin damage assessment and repair.

Ukinix: ::Blinking his eyes a few times.:: Ah – OK! I mean, Aye sir.

((End Flashback))

Ukinix: This is a hell of a first day for you.  You’re not alone, mine was the same.  Have faith in your Academy training.

Paarus: Response

With a nod, Wil strode over to work bee eight of thirty.  He hopped inside, fastened himself in, then started the engines.  In a few seconds, the vehicle was hovering above the ground.

Ukinix: =/\= Ukinix to Transporter Centre two.  I’m in Work Bee eight, about to depart. =/\=

Queens: =/\= Understood Commander, transporter lock obtained.  Queens out. =/\=

There was a small queue of Work Bees in front of him, each taking turns to move slowly out of the shuttlebay, negotiate their way through the mass of Stellae, then switch on their devices to attract as many as they could away from Amity.

Vataix: =/\= Ensign Paarus, Commander Ukinix, signal when you are ready to begin herding the animals. =/\= 

Ukinix: =/\= Acknowledged, Ambassador, a handful of Work Bees are out in space, I’m waiting my turn to exit the shuttle bay. =/\= 


Paarus: =/\= Response =/\= 


Vataix: =/\= Ensign, how far do you think you can lead them away from the outpost? =/\= 


Paarus: =/\= Response =/\= 


Vataix: =/\= Once you're half-way out, I'll send out the Independence to join you and "push" them away from Amity with a wide beam deterrent. =/\= 


Paarus: =/\= Response =/\= 

Just as Zal was finishing speaking, Wil nudged the nose of his Work Bee through the shuttle bay exit.  When a gap in the creatures emerged, he began the slow acceleration through the force field out into space.

He looked down at his console.  The swirl of red around amity was starting to get stretched out.

Ukinix: =/\= Looks like it’s starting to work- argh! =/\= 

There was a huge “thud” noise.  One of the Stellae had smooshed it’s face against the side of the bee, pushing it into the path of another creature only a few metres away – which promptly head-butted Wil’s worker bee, like it was a beach ball.

Ukinix: =/\= #@%#! =/\=

Paarus/Vataix: =/\= Response =/\=

Klaxons began to sound through the speakers in Wil’s EV suit, as his worker bee went tumbling out of control back towards Amity.  He strained to reach the controls, before touching a few buttons.  The worker bee righted itself and engines came to life with a whir.  After a few tense seconds, the vehicle came to a complete stop in space - one metre from the solid outer hull of the station.

Ukinix: =/\= ::Relieved exhale:: Yep, I’m OK.  I think I almost became part of the station. =/\=

Paarus/Vataix/Any: =/\= Response =/\=






Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix   

Starfleet attaché and First Officer   

Amity Outpost

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