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Wil Ukinix

Nov 15, 2021, 5:55:24 PM11/15/21

((Grand Mezzanine - Amity Outpost))

The computer had informed Wil that Cassian and Kamoyo were located on the Grand Mezzanine.  Wil made his way through the building afternoon crowed, and discovered they were talking to each other, Cassian with a coffee in hand.

Iovianus: Hello there. Apologies for the interruption earlier, the situation should have been more contained than it was.

Aleksandrov: Response

(OOC: I am tacking on to the end of this sim, but don’t let Wil interrupt!  Put more tags in if necessary before Wil comes into the scene.)

Ukinix: Hey there.  Sorry to interrupt.

Aleksandrov/Iovianus: Responses

Ukinix: Ambassador Vataix Has asked us to prepare the Indy and whatever other craft we have to lead the angels away from the mining operations.  We need a game plan.

Aleksandrov/Iovianus: Responses

Ukinix: Doctor, we have a bunch of sensor readings on the creatures and with your knowledge we could possibly identify asteroid candidates in the system that could harbour them.

Aleksandrov/Iovianus: Responses

Ukinix: Let’s head to Astrometrics.

((Astrometrics, Level 4, Copernicus Center))

On the large projected holographic display was the scaled entirety of the bulk of the solar nebula.  Amity Outpost was show as a yellow dot, and Asteroid 6565 Poseidon was shown in green.  Wil made a few more taps on the console in front of him to hold the display in place, before turning to Cassian and Kamoyo.

Ukinix: What we’ve learned so far is that the Stellae out attracted to our ships, and by extension our mining facilities.  We have the Indy, the Daintree and Yosemite at our disposal, plus a bunch of other shuttles.  The creatures are hard to scan, you don’t really know where they are until you’re virtually on top of them.

Aleksandrov/Iovianus: Responses

: They seem to like to travel in packs, once one goes, they all follow.  This is almost like a herding exercise.

Aleksandrov/Iovianus: Responses






Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix

Starfleet attaché and First Officer
Amity Outpost


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