[EPILOGUE] Arthur Summerside: All In Good Faith

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Ensign Kivik

Dec 13, 2021, 9:11:23 PM12/13/21
to Amity Outpost

// Subspace Letter to Joe Lewiston, Editor of the Briori Sun


Well, Joey, the unthinkable has happened. Our Federation friends wasted no time getting themselves deep into a diplomatic mudhole - from which it seemed that extrication without permanent staining might be impossible - and yet, they managed it.


(Don’t ask me how, I don’t fully understand it - a bunch of hocus pocus with some psychotropic space juice.)


The point is, what could have been an absolute disaster for Amity Outpost has proven to be a marked success. The nomadic Hawlat people, who seemed almost ready to revolt over the ‘mistreatment’ of their precious space cows, have now turned the other cheek and made an ordained show of friendship.


Everyone’s very tight-lipped about the details, but I’ll keep looking into it. I want to know as much as you do… how did this go down? Was it really just good luck and good intentions, or was there something more at play here.

Anyways, my article for submission to the Sun follows. Keep an eye open. More from your old pal, Arthur, soon.

- Summerside


PS: In response to your last correspondence - no, I am not ‘lonely’ here. In fact, I’ve made a new friend - and she’s a real looker. How good of a friend is none of your business, you old crumb duster.





Amity Outpost, 239812.13


In a stunning display of interstellar diplomacy, Amity Outpost overcame its first political hurdle this weekend, narrowly avoiding a serious clash of faith.


The nomadic Hawlat people, who travelled to the Barossa Nebula as part of their religious pilgrimage through the stars, raised grave concerns over the safety and respectful treatment of their sacred Angels - space-born creatures whom they believe will lead them to a prosperous home amongst the stars.


An image of several of the Hawlat Angels (Photographer: “Pix”)


According to an anonymous inside source, the initial conflict involved some of the Federation-supported mining operations seeking to extract valuable benamite from the asteroid belt found within the region:


“There are some companies on the station that fully comply and will adapt their operations, while there are a few that really don't care about anything other than profits. Those are the ones that cause the most issues.”

- Anonymous Source


Following this rocky start, negotiations with the Hawlat began to break down as further complications arose, as the creatures became strangely drawn to the Amity Outpost facility itself, arriving in the thousands and bombarding the station with head-first collisions.


While damage was minimal, and the creatures did not appear to intend any harm, the situation was tense - and evacuation of the station’s public Mezzanine was ordered. It seemed as if chaos was imminent. When asked to comment on the situation, Amity’s Chief of Security, Lieutenant Commander Iovianus had only little reassurance to offer on the record:


“To be determined.”

- Lt. Commander Iovianus (regarding the Hawlat Angel Security Situation)


Speaking with one of the merchants evacuated during the ‘bombardment’, Mr. Kansatsu-sha, who owns the eponymous multipurpose creative studio, Lorqui’s Shop, one found more confidence. Mr. Kansatsu-sha seemed unperturbed by the situation, seemingly resolute in his belief that the Federation would have the situation resolved amicably:


“From what I know of Starfleet, they'll do all they can to preserve life, and more if there are other interests involved.”

- Lorqui Kansatsu-sha


In what came as a surprise, perhaps to all involved, the Federation did, indeed, find an agreeable diplomatic solution. Following a daring rescue mission to release an entrapped juvenile and a concurrent work bee taskforce led by the station’s second in command, Cmdr. Wil Ukinix, not only were the Angels relocated to a more safe and secure location within the nebula - but the Hawlat determined that it had all been a misunderstanding; that their Angels had been drawn to the Federation’s equipment and vessels out of a desire to communicate a “welcome.”


Ultimately, both sides came together in an impressive display of union: with representatives from both the Hawlat and the Federation taking part in a religious ceremony called “The Ritual of Trust.” Following the successfully ceremony, both sides agreed to the establishment of a preserve-of-sorts; a designated space where the Angels and Hawlat could coexist peacefully and that the miners will avoid working.


As things once again return to ‘normal’ around the station, many of the local Delta Quadrant residents have begun to ask seriously: is the Federation everything they appear to be? Will they show us their true colours, or are we seeing them now? This reporter’s opinion remains:


To be determined.


PNPC Arthur Summerside (he/him/his)

Civilian Journalist,

Amity Outpost

As simmed by:


Ensign Kivik (ne/nem/nir)

Science Officer,

Amity Outpost


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