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Roshanara Rahman

Oct 26, 2021, 9:17:30 PM10/26/21
to Amity Outpost – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((Mining Rig, Asteroid 6585 Poseidon))


Tyler Carcetti groaned as his morning alarm went off, waking him from the five-hour "night's sleep" that had gone all too quickly by. Of course, there was no true night or day out here on 6585 Poseidon. Opening his eyes slowly, he saw the distant purple wisps of the large nebula flowing out like a coastline. This particular area was just a small part of the nebula, at one of its edges where a solar system was slowly beginning to form.

The emphasis here was on the slow. It would take millions of years before anything resembling an actual planet formed. For now, the system was still a solar nebula, with planetesimals having formed, some of which were large enough to be considered asteroids suitable for mining. 6585 Poseidon was one such asteroid, about an hour or so out from Amity Outpost, where mining operations were being coordinated amongst the various companies that had come out to the Delta Quadrant to mine the benamite and other minerals that might find in this treasure trove.

Just as Tyler was beginning to enjoy the serene view, a large bulbous creature floated past his window, causing him to jump.

Carcetti: Damn it!

Scowling, the mining supervisor stood up and went over to the com wall panel.

Carcetti: =/\= Thompkins, I thought you'd driven the dumb cows off with Shimada last night! =/\=

Thompkins: =/\= Sorry, Boss, must have missed one... =/\=

Carcetti: =/\= Well get on the skiff and shoo it away. We're already behind schedule. =/\=

Thompkins: =/\= On it. =/\=

After the comline closed, Tyler sighed before getting dressed and heading to the kitchen to get something to eat.

((A few hours later, hanger, Poseidon Mining Rig))

Over the station's radio, an ancient Terran folksong was playing.

//Some folks are born silver spoon in hand
Lord, don't they help themselves, yeah
But when the taxman comes to the door
The house looks like a rummage sale//

Henry Thompkins was hunched over, making adjustments to one of the mining drills, as he sang along.

Thompkins: "It ain't me, it ain't me I ain't no millionaire's son..."

He was interrupted by his boss Carcetti storming in.

Carcetti: Didn't I tell you and Shimada to take care of the damn cow?

Henry looked up, annoyed. He didn't know Tyler before this gig out here on Poseidon, but in the eight months he'd been here, he'd grown to really detest the man.

Thompkins: ::bluntly:: We did.

Carcetti: Well then can you explain why it's outside doing laps around post 7?

Thompkins: I don't know, Boss, it's an animal...

His boss grumbled as he looked off at one of the bulkheads thinking.

Carcetti: It shouldn't even be in this system!

Thompkins: Hmmph, what do you want us to do? Shoot it?

Carcetti: Haha, real funny, wise ass. Last thing I need is corporate asking me why the Federation Science Council is knocking on their door.

Thompkins: Maybe we should just ask the Science Council for help...

His boss thought some more, an idea coming to mind.

Carcetti: You know what... get that drill ready.

Thompkins: Boss, you can't be serious...

Carcetti: Relax. I'm not telling you to hurt it. Maybe just scare it a little.

Thompkins: I dunno...

Carcetti: Are you refusing an order?

After eight months of constantly getting frustrated working under Carcetti's orders,  Henry suddenly smiled.

Thompkins: I suppose I am. Besides... now that the new Federation Ambassador is here, I'm sure she'll only be happy to help.

Carcetti: Grrr... open a line to Amity...

Tyler Carcetti
Mining Operations Supervisor
Poseidon Mining Rig


Henry Thompkins
Poseidon Mining Rig

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