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Sunny Sandhu

Nov 16, 2021, 10:31:01 PM11/16/21

((Observation Deck - The Spire, Amity Outpost))

Evelyn had a rough morning with the meeting between the Starfleet and the Halwat people, she was hoping some resolution would come soon, as the mines were putting pressure on her to get their operations going again. As Chief, she was their immediate contact. 

She decided to walk around a bit to calm down and gather her thoughts, before the next set of meetings were to take place. She was hoping that the Ambassador had a plan to resolve this issue swiftly and quickly. 

She walked into the Observation deck to look out into the stars, which always calmed her down back during her days on Antor II. 

McLaren: Oh, Sorry I am interrupting? Mind if I join? 

Arthur: Come here often? ::A protracted pause broken by Arthur’s chuckle - the one he made when his serious facade had cracked and he knew it:: Summerside, Arthur… and you are?

McLaren:  I am Evelyn McLaren, Chief of Mining Operation on Amity? What do you do here? 

Arthur: Response 

McLaren: Ah, I see, just having some issues with the Halwat people, but that's my job I guess. 

Arthur: Response 

McLaren: I see, I hope that suits you well, I do find it hard sometimes with all these policies and issues, but I am keen to learn more on the Delta Quadrant species. 

Arthur: Response 

McLaren: Oh, I am not from here, I was originally born on Meridian in the “ The Shoals”, and grew up on Antor II. I moved here when this job opened up. Actually some of the senior crew of Amity saved my life when they were stationed aboard the Veritas. 

Arthur: Response 

McLaren: What brings you out here? 

Arthur: Response 


Evelyn McLaren, BEng

Chief of Mining Operations

Amity Outpost

As Simmed By:

Lt. JG Scotty Reade

Engineering Officer

Amity Outpost


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