[FNS Story] Amity Tested As Mining Operations Grind To A Halt

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Koihime Nakamura

Nov 17, 2021, 1:56:06 AM11/17/21
to Amity Outpost
Kiyaini looked at her terminal,  and dashed off a news article.

Amity Tested As Mining Operations Grind To A Halt
by Kiyaini Ri'zella

Amity Outpost, Stardate 239811.16

Amity Outpost, Starfleet's farthest out installation, has scarce been open a few weeks, and already a diplomatic crisis is brewing. The station, which had drawn some criticism for it's location in a protoplanetary system, was placed in the Barossa Sector due to the abundance of benemite crystals, which is increasingly coming into demand across the Federation with the advent of Quantum Slipstream technology.

After an OK from the Starfleet Corps of Engineer was confirmed - in a record time of only a few weeks, a visible example of both the importance and the amount of resources being spent on this project, and some have said, the political strings being pulled - by the Federation Science Council, the station was placed here and several mining contracts were set up. These contracts, which are typical of these kind, grant the companies increased privileges in return for a percentage of the crystals being sold to Starfleet. The rest are sold on various markets.

However, soon, various creatures, later identified as the "Angels" by the Hawlats, a nomadic civilization in the Delta Quadrant, came. And the crisis started. These creatures seem drawn to Federation technology, and have brought mining operations to a near standstill. While Starfleet is investigating options under the direction of the leader of the station, Ambassador Rivi Vataix, there are also talks with the Hawlat, who hold the animals sacred.

Kiyaini hit send, smiling a bit as the dark haired woman stretched before getting her going out clothes on. She had a reporter to meet - personally, she liked his coverage. And was wondering if he would be interested in a dual feature on Amity - one from a worldview closer than someone who had been in many stations her life.

PNPC Kiyaini Ri'zella
FNS Reporter

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