Scientist Sirn - Lady With the Red...Hair

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Nathan Richards

May 21, 2024, 1:37:13 AMMay 21
to Amity Outpost – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Level 12, Science and Research Center, Amity Outpost))

The monthly meeting between the civilian sciences had gone much the same as it always did. Different projects were proposed or updated based on what progress had been made. Sirn, as always, sat at the far end of the table as different departments made their presentations. He listened intently for anything that might apply to his own studies and projects, but nothing piqued his interest. Again. He slowly gathered his things as the others left the meeting room. They all seemed to be in a hurry to return to their areas of study, while Sirn was not. He had already gone over any and all available sensor readings and information available within Amity’s computer systems, and he found himself to be…bored.

Sirn walked through the doorway into the relative “hustle and bustle” of the SRC’s general common areas of Level 12. He watched the Scientists and Starfleet Officers go about their business for a moment before seeing what could possibly have been the most audacious shade of red hair approaching him. The hair of those around him was usually the first thing Sirn noticed as he towered over most of the residents of Amity Outpost. Normally, he wouldn’t have paid mind to the approaching female, but her pace held purpose. She appeared to be looking for him specifically.

S. Richards: Response

Sirn bowed slightly as the woman finally came up to him.

Sirn: I am indeed. What can I do for you, Miss…

S. Richards: Response

Sirn nodded. The surname Richards held a certain…esteem with some of the Amity Residents. He was familiar with it.

Sirn: Richards. Interesting. What can I do for you, Ms. Richards?

S. Richards: Response




Vulcan Science Academy Scientist

Amity Oupost


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