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Wil Ukinix

Nov 11, 2021, 8:23:05 AM11/11/21
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//First Officers Log, Stardate 239811.11

As expected our return from Asteroid 6585 Poseidon took two and a half hours instead of one, due to the creatures the miners are calling “mo-mo’s”.  We managed to get the majority of them away from the asteroid’s mining operations and follow us.  A few remained though.  ::Cheeky tone:: That’ll keep Mr Carcetti busy.//

((Outside Gate A1, Terminal A, Amity Outpost))

Ukinix: ::Stretching arms and cracking neck:: Lieutenant Ariadust, I like your idea of creating some drone “toys” for the creatures.  You three you head down to the basement and work with Ensign Kivik to check the viability of the idea, and come up with a proposal if it is viable. I need to report to Ambassador Vataix.

He felt that Ceciri’s helm experience with the creatures, plus Reade’s engineering know-how, and Iko’s gained knowledge from her scans of the creatures and their behaviour would cover all the bases needed to come up with a proposal.

Iko/Ariadust/Reade: Response

Ukinix: Just keep in mind we may to negotiate any solutions with the Hawlats and probably Evelyn McLaren.  I’ll catch you all later, have fun.

Iko/Ariadust/Reade: Response

Rather than waiting for the next “purple line” (Upper terminals service) train, Wil tucked his PADD under his arm and walked briskly in the direction of level one of the Grand Mezzanine, the floor that contained the entry to Copernicus Center.  A tune that he heard on the mining office’s speakers on the Asteroid was stuck in his head.

Ukinix: ::Singing quietly to himself:: Some folks-are born… maaaaaade to wave the flag…

((Chief of Mission's Office, Copernicus Center, Amity Outpost))

The Starfleet computer that controlled the automated systems of Copernicus Center recognised Lieutenant Commader Ukinix, and let Wil enter Rivi’s office where a chin wag session had begun.  Wil was still quietly singing the same song to himself as he walked in.

Ukinix: ::Singing quietly to himself::..It ain’t meee-ee… I ain’t no military son, son- 


Vataix: Wil! ::smiles:: Enjoy the trip out into the neighborhood? 


Ukinix: ::Smile:: Yeah, it’s beautiful out there. ::Cheeky Smirk::  Sounds like you’ve been having some fun here too. 


Vataix: We've been learning more about the creatures and specifically their significance to a species known as the Hawlat. 


Ukinix: I heard about that.  ::Taking a seat:: The mo-mo’s are a fun loving bunch. As thick as a bulkhead though, I think they share one brain cell between them. 


Carter/Wong: Response

Keehani: ::Slight shake of head:: We’re all going to have to stop calling them “mo-mo’s”.  Including the miners.

Wil rolled his eyes slightly at Keehani.

Keehani: ::Palm out, shrug of shoulders:: What? If we offend the Hawlats, you can kiss goodbye mining operations running smoothly. 


Ambassador Vataix turned to Commander Carter.

Vataix: John, why don't you update Wil briefly on what we know so far about these people? 


Carter: Response 


Ukinix: This “Angel’s Milk” ceremony.  Do we know what that is yet?  ::Slight smirk::  Will we need suit you up in an EV suit and give you a bucket to milk them?

Wong: Response

Keehani simply pursed her lips together and looked away to hide her amusement. 


Rivi turned to look at Ikaia. 


Vataix: And what have you learned, Lieutenant? 


Wong: Response 


Keehani: Sahim seemed pragmatic and grounded.  Still devoted, but I suspect will listen to reason. 


Ukinix: Well it’s not just the Hawlat that will have to listen to reason, it’s the miners too.  The supervisor out at Asteroid six-five-eight-five, a Mister Carcetti, basically told us we should pack up Amity and leave because it won’t be worth it for the mining organisations.  Unless we do something about the mo-mo’s.  ::Shaking head:: My opinion is that the miners are going to have to play nicely.

Carter: Response 


Wil turned to look at Rivi, who hard her arms crossed and was furrowing her brow. 


Vataix: Well, I think the first thing we do is agree on a uniform designation for these creatures. 


She looked towards Wil, as well as Commander Carter. 


Vataix: One that won't offend the Hawlat would be preferable. 


Ukinix: I was really starting to get used to mo-mo’s.  “Mo-mo milk.”  It’s got a certain ring to it.  ::Quick point:: Get *that* in your next latte at the Brew Continuum. 


Carter: Response 


Wong: Response

Keehani: Ambassador, there is a risk that the Hawlats may not like them being called anything but “Angels.”

Vataix: Response

Carter/Wong: Response

Ukinix: We’re allowed to give them a scientific name though.  That’s our tradition.  ::Picking up PADD and tapping:: They’re like seacows, otherwise known as the ::reading PADD:: “Sirenia”.  But they’re space borne…”stellae” is Latin for star. And  ::Tapping PADD: “Amity” is derived from the latin word Amicus. So how about Stellaesirenia Amicus?  We could call them “Stellaes”.   

Carter/Wong/Vataix: Response

Ukinix: As long as it’s amicable for everyone.  “Amicable”.  ::Smirk:: See what I did there?

Keehani crossed her legs and rested her temple on her index and middle fingers, her thumb on her jawline.

Keehani: This is going to be a loooooong negotiation.

Carter/Wong/Vataix: Response

Keehani: We can’t let the miners take matters into their own hands.  Word will travel through the outpost, and it won’t take long before that spreads out to the nearby parts of the Delta Quadrant.  Likewise, though, we can’t let the Hawlat dictate what we do and when we do it.  This solar nebula was discovered by Betazoid scientists, we have effectively staked a claim, and we have dedicated mining organisations that will be discouraged.  I suggest a technical solution, but we will have to tread carefully with the Hawlat.  But not to the detriment of what the Federation are trying to achieve.

Carter/Wong/Vataix: Response

Ukinix: Why did the Hawlat settle on Amity in the first place?  If they’re so against our presence here, why make a home on a Federation Outpost?  It’s not a secret we have a large section of Amity dedicated to mining.  Do we know how long the creatures have been in this system?  And how did they get here? 


Carter/Wong/Vataix: Response 



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