Doctor Jansen Orrey: An eye toward learning.

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Jansen Orrey

May 19, 2024, 10:48:41 PMMay 19
to Amity Outpost – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Reception, Medical Centre, Amity Outpost))

Jansen was on his way out for a lunchtime walk  and had just passed his PADD over to Tathi Sh’kavar at the desk pointing at his comm badge on the sleeve of his shirt with a smile as he stepped out into the area proper just in time to hear someone calling him.

Williams: Doctor Orrey!

He turned his head with a smile to the speaker before nodding his head and returning the handshake.

Orrey: Miss Williams. A pleasure to see you?

Williams: I am terribly sorry I wasn’t here to join her.

Jansen waved his hands to push away the apology. He did note Molly paying close attention to them. So inquisitive and fun.

Orrey: Not at all, shift work can be a bear sometimes. This was also just a fact-finding appointment.

Williams: So, what did you two find out?

Orrey: ::looking at Molly:: Did we decide we liked the ice cream sandwich?

Molly: Mayyybe?

Orrey: ::nodding to the mother with a smile:: There you go for starters.

Jansen smiled but again waved his hands to swipe the conversation from the air. It was a good note to start the conversation on.

Orrey: Now for more concrete things, I did notice some things I would like to look into a little deeper if you do not mind finding a time that both of you can attend the appointment. Nothing to extreme but there could be a little bit of Hyperopia, a far-sightedness, or long-sightedness depending on where you are from.

Williams: long-sighted?

The mother looked at her miniature.

Molly: What does that mean?

Orrey: What that means is that Molly is having a little bit of trouble with things up close but she can see really great at a distance. Tracks movement very well too so I don’t think it is a nerve issue. Now, please, both of you ::looking at Molly and back to her mother:: ask me any questions you want, I will explain anything you need to understand this completely and what our next steps are.

Molly: Why are my eyes like that?

That was the exact reaction Jansen was hoping for at least one of them so he was going to jump on it. He sat down next to the two as he began his explanation.

Orrey: You were born that way.

He fed off of these types of interactions and her enthusiasm was infectious. 

Molly: Why?

Orrey: I am so glad you asked. 

He smiled at Molly then glanced between the two of them. He raised his hand up, putting his thumb and middle finger together to make a circle. 

Orrey: So when light enters normal eyes it hits the front of your eye called the cornea and gets focused on in the back of the eye. ::He moved his opposite finger toward his hand tapping on his palm.:: Your eyes are either small, or a little flat on the front. ::He bent his fingers and thumbs in to show what he meant.:: Which means when light enters your eyes if it were to travel the distances it needed to it would have to focus back here. ::tapping the back of his hand:: Since we can’t focus outside of our eyes it makes things a little blurry for you. 

Molly: Does it have to be fixed?

Williams: It'll be alot easier for you to see what's on the PADDs and things at school.

As Molly considered this Jansen looked toward either of them, hoping his explanation did some good to ease their considerations.

Orrey: ::nodding his head:: It really should be. It would be what we call a ‘Quality of Life’ fix. If we do not, as you age your vision could worsen other ways. ::holding up a finger with a smile to calm the curiousity slightly.:: That I can gladly tell you about later.

Molly: Response

Orrey:Let me ask this, do you have a lot of headaches, or do your eyes feel tired a lot, strained? ::looking back at Mom:: Or have you noticed it?

Molly/Williams: Response?

Orrey: I will say, and this is one of the reasons I want to do more tests, there are many ways to fix this. Some surgical, some not. All tried, true and tested.

Williams: Response?



Jansen Orrey M.D.

Chief of Medicine

Amity Outpost


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