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Ensign Kivik

Dec 2, 2021, 7:42:04 PM12/2/21
to Amity Outpost

((Conference Room B4, Amity Outpost ))

Prarim: I believe I speak for all the Hawlat when I say… good fortune upon you and this endeavour. 

Carter: =/\= That is fantastic news Ensign! Keep us updated as often as possible.=/\=

Taven: Response

Kivik: =/\= Understood! I’ll keep you all apprised of our progress! Kivik out! =/\=

Prarim: ::To Carter:: Commander, if they succeed, we may yet turn today’s bad fortune into a most auspicious omen… Shall we pray for their triumph together?  

Carter: The Great Spirits of both our peoples are shining down upon us…and yes, it would be an honor to join you in prayer for the safety of the Angels and those who are working to keep them safe. 

Suribana: I'll join, but my beliefs are to be made in private.

Prarim smiled. All were welcome to join, regardless of their personal faith. The Hawlat religion was founded not on principles of exclusion, but illumination - even those who believed in a false divinity could still open themselves to receive the Great Spirit’s light.

Taven: Response 

Suddenly, an unexpected voice interrupted their prayer - the young diplomat, Keehani Ukinix, had arrived quietly in the midst of their discussion. Prarim had scarcely noticed the door to the conference room open, let alone caught sight of the First Secretary, and her voice caught him by surprise. He spun to see what it was she found important enough to interrupt these proceedings with.

Keehani: ::Gently:: Excuse me, Luminary Prarim, Commander.  I have some news to share.  Some Angels are outside the Outpost.  Over a thousand, in fact, by our estimates.  No ships can dock or leave Amity.  The Grand Mezzanine is being evacuated out of an abundance of caution.

Prarim was caught off guard. This was… troubling news. A great deal of troubling news, spilling out like an avalanche. The Luminary felt deeply troubled. All the signs had been pointing towards a peaceful resolution with the Federation, the omens had been bright… but now, so much had changed in such a short time. A young angel was trapped in the miners’ machinery, the rest of the Choir had taken to throwing themselves against the hull of the space station… 

For the first time in a long time, Prarim felt in the dark.

Sahim: They might be worried about the young one and checking that it's okay. I'm sure they don't have any hostile intention.

Carter/Taven: Response

Prarim: I… I don’t know what to say, First Secretary… Our scribes have never written of such a thing. I’ll admit, I do not know what to advise… I must have time to reflect, if-

Keehani: The Diplomatic Corp along with Starfleet is working on a plan as we speak, we are confident we can safely herd the Angels away from Amity to a safe haven.  ::To Prarim:: In keeping with being transparent, we thought it was better that your delegation hears it directly from us.

From the manner in which the First Secretary spoke about them, and the way that Starfleet was handling them, it solidified in Prarim’s mind that the Federation and those in charge of Amity saw their Angels as nothing more than simple animals - cattle to be herded, rather than divine wills to be heeded.

The Hawlat had been through difficult times before, moving from one system to another and facing harsh rejection, punitive ridicule, and even violence. This time had felt like it was destined to be different…

oO Perhaps they will do their best to respect our traditions, so long as they are not inconvenienced. Perhaps this is the best we can hope to find in the universe… Oo

Prarim: I appreciate your candidness, First Secretary, but I would neglect my faith if I did not protest. The Angels are not mere beasts, they-

Keehani: ::Palm up:: I understand, Luminary, however the Angels are repeatedly ramming into the Outpost.  We are mindful of the Great Spirit and your customs.  We are also concerned for the Angel's welfare just as we are for everyone on this outpost.  We do not want a single Angel, nor a single person, harmed.  That is what the Federation does.  I will keep you apprised of our plans, Luminary Prarim.  But for now, if you’ll excuse me, I must return to Operations at once. 

Sahim: We should do something! We can't leave the fate of our angels in the hands of non believers.

Prarim: ::To Sahim:: Patience, Sahim. We mustn’t act rashly. Let us consider the situation a moment.

Prarim sat again, nearly falling into the chair as his strength failed him. He suddenly felt the weight of many years on him. The weight of longheld hope turning to cold stone upon him.

Carter/Taven: Response

Her message delivered, First Secretary Ukinix turned on her heel and made to leave the room. Prarim paid to need to Doctor Suribana as she made her way to speak with her. His focus was on the Hawlat and their place in the situation.

((OOC - kept this portion in for Ukinix’s ease / not losing the tags.))

((Aside - Conference Room B4))

Suribana: Excuse me ambassador...

Keehani: Response

Suribana: Sorry to disturb you, I believe we've not been formally introduced. I'm doctor Suribana.

Keehani: Response

Suribana: Yes, well, I just happened to hear what you've said to the Hawlats and I'd like to … suggest that they'll feel bad if things about the Angels are done without them having a say in it. I don't intend to be a diplomatic expert, but your last words seemed a bit...

Keehani: Response

Suribana: … Maybe a bit too much :: air quoting :: I know what I'm doing, don't bother me.

Keehani: Response

Suribana: I just wanted you to know how things seemed from an outside perspective.

Keehani: Response


((Meanwhile - Conference Room B4))

Prarim turned to his Acolyte, gesturing for him to come closer. He motioned also to Sahim. At the moment, he felt uncertain in his wisdom and hoped to confer with his Pilgrims.

Prarim: ::Quietly:: Taven, we must send word to the fleet. Let them know what is happening. At this time, I’m afraid we have little choice but to sit back and let Starfleet do as they will.

Taven: Response

Prarim: ::Quietly:: We have no strength to resist them, and no authority with which to make enemies. But we can remain vigilant, as always. Tell our Navigators to bring our ships within visual range of the station and keep watch.

While he suspected no evil intent on the Federation’s part, he had seen far too many local authorities’ responses to the Hawlat and their Angels to assume no harm or foul would occur - and if it did, the Hawlat’s only recourse would be their observations.

The Hawlat ‘fleet’, while only a handful of ships, had once numbered in the hundreds. Time, travel, and persecution had whittled it down to only a trace of what it had once been. Still, the Hawlat spirit endured and they were resilient. Even a few ships’ full of believers keeping watch may make a difference.

Taven/Sahim: Response

Prarim: We must pray for the best, while preparing for the worst. That is the legacy of our pilgrimage and we must be ever-vigilant.

Prarim stood and walked to Commander Carter - the Federation’s most illuminated citizen in the Luminary’s mind. If anyone would be willing to help them, it would be Carter.

Prarim: Commander, I wonder if we might take a recess from our meeting. Is there somewhere we could go - somewhere we might be able to see the operation occurring outside the station? I would very much like to see the situation firsthand.

Carter: Response

Taven/Sahim/Suribana/Keehani: Responses?

END ACT TWO for Prarim

((OOC: So long as it works for the rest, I’d like to consider this the ‘end of Act 2’ for Prarim and move ahead to a new location where the Hawlat can observe and discuss the ongoing situation. I think this will be more dynamic for Act 3 than sitting in a conference room wondering about what’s happening elsewhere and may also provide opportunities for more nuanced Hawlat development. I’m very open to suggestions.))


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Dec 2, 2021, 7:45:18 PM12/2/21
to Amity Outpost
Missed an autorrect issue:

"Prarim paid to need to Doctor Suribana..." should read "Prarim paid no heed to Doctor Suribana..."


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