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Scotty Reade

May 20, 2024, 11:12:11 PMMay 20
to Amity Main SIM

((240003 – Unknown Location aboard Nygean Transit Port, Delta Quadrant))

Blackwood: It isn’t official Starfleet business, as my superior stated. We all just share an interest.

Scotty immediately realized that the statements emanating from Harrison were undeniably accurate. It became clear to Scotty that their visit was motivated purely by personal curiosity and interest, unrelated to any Starfleet obligations.

Voth: Such enlightened spacefaring scholars you all are. If you believe for a second you will be getting anywhere near our transwarp drives, you are sorely mistaken. First, we must have just recompense. 

Hopper: If you feel wronged by the Federation and want justice, you should engage in proper discourse with the Federation Diplomatic Corps. I’m sure Ambassador Vataix would be happy to hear any grievances and work out solutions with you. 

Voth: That would be a waste of time. We have no interest in ‘diplomatic talks’ with you.

Reade: I agree with the point that Robin mentioned. 

Scotty crossed his arms, and nodded in agreement with Robin.

Hopper: Then what exactly are you planning to do? I don’t think the Kathesis Pact will take kindly to you dispensing your own justice against one of their allies aboard one of their stations.

Blackwood: We’re not going to like this, are we?

Scotty knew that the Voth individual was starting to get agitated and impatient. 

Voth: We have commandeered your shuttlecraft but have no access to the systems. You will take us to our intended coordinates where we will arrest a sect of non-believers.

Hopper: ::Baffled::  Wait.. Let me get this straight. You knocked us out, brought us here, make vague threats and accusations – and now you’re asking us to help you enforce the religious oppression of your people?  ::Scoff::  As if.

Voth: ::Hint of anger in his voice::  I was not asking.

Reade: Do you think that the 3 people who you knocked out and then threatened, are about to help you? I think you must be in some la la land. 

Blackwood: You really expect us to help you, really?

Scotty was taken aback as he suddenly noticed a phaser materialize in the Voth's hands. The tension escalated rapidly as the situation went from 0 to 100 in a split second. A wave of unease washed over him, causing his legs to feel heavier as he grappled with uncertainty about how to respond in that intense moment.

Voth: You can find out what happens if you don’t. 

Hopper: HEY!

Scotty swallowed and closed his eyes. Before re-opening them, he looked at both Robin and Harrison. 

Hopper: I am the superior officer here and I am responsible for these men. I am accountable. If you’re going to threaten anybody, threaten me.

Voth: Fine.

The Voth adjusted the phaser, aiming it at Robin instead. Scotty's legs once again grew heavier. He was uncertain about what to do in this moment, as he had nothing to defend himself or the others.

Voth: ::Speaking to Reade and Blackwood::  You will help me, or your superior officer dies.

Reade: Woah! Let us talk this out; no need to point a phaser. 

Blackwood: Response

Hopper: Lieutenant, Ensign, under no circumstances are you to assist this man.

He nodded to Robin in agreement. Even though he did not like the idea one bit. 

oO A Bad Idea, But the Best Choice given the circumstances. Oo 

Voth: ::Tightening his grip on the phaser::  Think carefully, Lieutenant Commander. You are signing your own death war–

Hopper: I don’t think so. If you wanted to kill us, you would have just done it. Instead, you drugged us and brought us here, then waited while we slowly came to our senses. Then, after going on about how immoral and dangerous it is to associate with us, you asked for our help…  You need us. I don’t know why, but you need us – alive, and cooperative.

Reade: I agree. If we were going to be killed, you would have done it a long time ago. 

Blackwood: Response

Voth: I see the rumours of your formidable boldness haven’t been exaggerated.

Scotty let out a big sigh. 

Hopper: ::Squinting, uncertain::  Thank you…  Now, why don’t we start over? Put the weapon down and we can try having a civil discussion about what we want, what you want, and what we can do to help each other.

Voth: ::Beat, lowering the phaser begrudgingly::  You speak truth. I am a… lone operator, but I still answer to the Authority. I cannot, however, be held accountable for the actions of three wayward Starfleet Officers…

Reade: OK, this is much better. Now what do you need us for exactly here? 

He looked to Robin and Harrison, nodding his head. 

Blackwood: Response

Voth: Well, we need some help in getting some things done here. Since we cannot access your shuttle we need you alive to help us out.

oO In your dreams Oo

Reade: Hmm. 

Hopper/Blackwood: Response 

Voth: You will help, as I cannot go back empty-handed to the Authority. Bad things will happen to me if I go back with nothing to show for myself. 

Scotty knew that this man was desperate to get whatever he wanted done, he needed to tread carefully and make sure what they did as the group made sense for both the Voth and Starfleet. 

Reade: Well, we are not about to do your “dirty” work. If you have something else in mind, maybe, just maybe, we can help. 

Hopper/Blackwood: Response 

Voth: Well, you are putting yourself in a pinch here. But I agree, I cannot be held responsible for 3 Starfleet officers. I do not want to start some war. 

At least the Voth man was somewhat competent. But you never knew if this was him just playing a ruse. 

Hopper/Blackwood: Response 

Reade: Well then. What’s our next move guys? 

Hopper/Blackwood: Response 




Lieutenant Scotty Reade

Assistant Chief of Operations 

Amity Outpost 



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