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((Hotel, Qam-Chee, Qo’nos))

Slowly Char stirred from her sleep and rose to face the next day. She still wasn’t sure she knew how to handle being here. She felt out of her depth and she rubbed her eyes as she readied herself for the day. Slowly she dressed and ruffled the hair at the back of her head as she tried to think of where she was meant to be meeting everyone this morning. She reached down to fasten her boots as she heard Bec’s voice.

Iko: =/\= Hey, so, funny story… =/\=

Vanlith: =/\= Funny story? Where are you? =/\=

Iko/Moore/Barberra/Ukinix: Response

Char felt her heart rate quicken. Clearly this was far more dangerous than she had considered it would be. She made a beeline for her door as she tried to slip back into her training.  

Vanlith: =/\= Wil meet you in the lobby in 5 minutes =/\= 

Char raced down to the lobby her heart pounding and she slowly began to steady her breathing. She had to think clearly. Whatever she was thinking about Kaito in this moment didn’;t matter, the fact he’d pulled away before she could tell him how she felt didn’t matter. He and Bec were in danger and they needed to assess and deal with this quickly. 

Ukinix/Barberra: Response 

Wong/Keehani: Response?

Vanlith: So what do we do now? How do we find them?  

Ukinix/Barberra: Response 

Wong/Keehani: Response?

Char grabbed her PADD she had brought with her and began to try and tap into her comm and trace the previous signal.  Her fingers fumbled slightly as she worked. She swished her hair off her shoulders and then ruffled the hair at the back of her head as she tried to make heads or tails of what she was looking at quickly. 

As the final details came up she showed the PADD to Wil. 

Vanlith: So I think that would be the closest I could pinpoint them but this seems like it could be anywhere in that area. Did I miss something?  

Ukinix/Barberra: Response

(OOC: Happy to back sim more issues or details here but am piecing it all together into one sim now) 

((Some house, Qam-Chee, Qo’nos))

Char wasn’t sure she had moved faster in heels in her life as they made their way to their destination. Her heart was racing and she was starting to feel rather sick over it all. Kaito was there. She had no idea what state he could be in. How injured Bec and he could be given they had clearly both been overpowered to end up in this situation. She wasn’t sure if it was clever planning or sheer luck that had left Bec with her comm badge to be able to communicate with them but they hadn’t heard from her in a while now.  

Vanlith: Any idea why someone would be doing this? 

Ukinix/Barberra: Response 

Wong/Keehani: Response? 

Char swallowed as she thought about that. Honour was so important here if they had someone offended someone this could be an incredibly sensitive and volatile situation incredibly quickly. 

Vanlith: How much danger do you think they are in?  Or are we in going after them? 

Ukinix/Barberra: Response  

Wong/Keehani: Response? 

Char looked towards Wil and took a deep breath. 

Vanlith: So are we doing this? 

Ukinix/Barberra: Response 

Chars breath hitched in her throat as the chime went off. She readied herself to face whatever happened as soon as that door opened. As the door opened and a Klingon faced her she shifted her weight slightly ready to launch forwards if she needed to.  

Ukinix/Barberra: Response

Wong/Keehani: Response? 

Ugral: Here for lunch?

Vanlith: Lunch? 

Iko/Moore/Ukinix/Barberra: Response


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