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to 'L B' via Amity Outpost – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Conference Room B4, Amity Outpost ))


The spirit of cooperation was beginning to show itself after almost being too late. Wong and company, with the help of the miners, were freeing one of the Angels, and no doubt that was a good thing indeed. With the good news received, Ambassador Keehani entered the conference room.

Prarim: ::To Carter:: Commander, if they succeed, we may yet turn today’s bad fortune into a most auspicious omen… Shall we pray for their triumph together? 

 Carter: The Great Spirits of both our peoples are shining down upon us…and yes, it would be an honor to join you in prayer for the safety of the Angels and those who are working to keep them safe. 

Prayer was indeed a very personal thing to many species, and on that note, Suribana spoke…

Suribana: I'll join, but my beliefs are to be made in private.

Taven: Response 

The prayers offered were solemn, steady, like the thrumming of a warp core, but much more resolute. Johns’ prayers were equally solemn, although it had been some time since he actually prayed for anything. Once they had finished, Keehani spoke…

Keehani: ::Gently:: Excuse me, Luminary Prarim, Commander.  I have some news to share.  Some Angels are outside the Outpost.  Over a thousand, in fact, by our estimates.  No ships can dock or leave Amity.  The Grand Mezzanine is being evacuated out of an abundance of caution.

Sahim: They might be worried about the young one and checking that it's okay. I'm sure they don't have any hostile intention.

John nodded. Their intentions might not be hostile but their actions might damage the station or some of the ships docked there. Things could get serious completely by accident…

Carter: No doubt there is some sort of plan being implemented…

Prarim/Taven: Response

Keehani: The Diplomatic Corp along with Starfleet is working on a plan as we speak, we are confident we can safely herd the Angels away from Amity to a safe haven.  ::To Prarim:: In keeping with being transparent, we thought it was better that your delegation hears it directly from us.

Prarim: Response

Keehani: ::Palm up:: I understand, Luminary, however the Angels are repeatedly ramming into the Outpost.  We are mindful of the Great Spirit and your customs.  We are also concerned for the Angel's welfare just as we are for everyone on this outpost.  We do not want a single Angel, nor a single person, harmed.  That is what the Federation does.  I will keep you apprised of our plans, Luminary Prarim.  But for now, if you’ll excuse me, I must return to Operations at once. 

Sahim: We should do something! We can't leave the fate of our angels in the hands of non believers.

Carter: You may think of us as non believers, but we do believe in the sanctity of life, and we have demonstrated that. We will do your best to make sure the Angels are not harmed.

Prarim: ::To Sahim:: Patience, Sahim. We mustn’t act rashly. Let us consider the situation a moment.

Taven: Response

With that, Keehani left to parts unknown…


Prarim: Commander, I wonder if we might take a recess from our meeting. Is there somewhere we could go - somewhere we might be able to see the operation occurring outside the station? I would very much like to see the situation firsthand.


John didn’t know the station well, but he knew that he had to keep working with the Hawlat..and that meant taking them to places which they might not be ordinarily allowed. John spoke…

Carter: We will take a recess. Follow me, and we’ll go to Operations. From there, you will be able to see how the Federation and Starfleet will honor its commitment…and its word on protecting the Angels and your people.

Taven/Sahim/Suribana: Responses


Carter::nodding:: Then we shall reconvene in Ops. Shall we go?


Taven/Sahim/Suribana/Prarim: Responses






Lt. Commander John Marcus Carter

Second Officer

Amity Outpost
















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