Lieutenant Ikaia Wong - Touched by a Space Angel Part 2

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Dec 1, 2021, 3:29:11 PM12/1/21

((Mining Rig, Asteroid 6585 Poseidon)) 

Iko: ::still speaking fast:: someone tell me what the hell i can do to help! ::beat:: please- 


Any: Response


Wong: =/\= Hang on….!=/\=


oODid someone get the registry number of the starship that hit me…..?Oo


Ikaia groaned as the Stellae took off further into the conduit. As for himself? Nothing broken or mangled. But it was certainly going to leave a mark. He was lucky it was just the tip of a fin and not the full force. He’d have ended up in his own medical centre if that were the case. Score one more point for Klingon durability. He picked himself up with a grunt. Already he could see the tractor beam moving the damaged Work Bee towards him.


Ariadust: =/\= Still working on transport, but I can move the workbee closer to you. =/\=


Wong: =/\=Please be careful! I haven’t assessed his injuries yet. =/\=


Ikaia pulled his tridcorder out of his medkit as he closed the gap between the damaged Work Bee and himself.


Iko: lieutenant, do you need help? Ensign? ::finally slowing down, exhale:: 


Ariadust/Kivik/Thompkins/Reade: Response.


Ikaia started scanning Carcetti when he heard Iko’s frantic voice.


Wong: =/\=Ensign Iko, you need to remember to breathe. Panicking isn’t going to do a lot of good right now.=/\=


Reade/Thompkins/Ariadust/Kivik: response 


Iko: ::sheepishly:: Aye sir.


Ikaia looked back over his results on his tricorder. Definitely broken bones in that mix and most certifiably a concussion. Nothing puncturing Cercetti’s lungs which was good. But there was only so much Ikaia could do from here without opening the Work Bee. This man was going to have to be beamed aboard the Yosemite. Then there was the matter of the Stellae roaming the conduits. He may have cut the cable. But it was STILL around the Stellae’s neck! If they got it caught on something, Ikaia could see it acting like a noose. This SCREAMED “diplomatic incident” to him. Two patients and only one of him. Some days he wished he had a transporter clone!


Wong: =/\=There’s no way around this. Lieutenant Ariadust, I’m going to need you to beam our injured aboard. I can’t do anything without opening the Work Bee which, stating the obvious here, is a bad thing in an airless environment. You and Reade are going to have to do some first aid to keep him stable until I get back. I’ll be sending you what I scanned on my tricorder riiight…. ::presses a few buttons:: ….now.  Ensign Iko, you’re beaming back to the shuttle with him. They’re going to need all the help they can get up there.=/\=


He figured that putting Iko back into a more comfortable environment may help to calm her down. As he recalled, part of leadership was also caring for members of his team. Iko also needed care right now.


Reade/Thompkins/Ariadust/Kivik: response


Iko: I apologize for my unprofessional behavior...


Wong: =/\=Don’t worry about that right now, Iko. You have my patient to help look after and they’re going to need your help.=/\=


A quick glance back in the shuttle’s direction.


Wong: =/\=Thirty seconds has to be up now. Lieutenant, if you can beam aboard our patient and Iko now, that’d be fantastic.=/\=


Another glance at Kivik.


Wong: =/\=Ensign Kivik, I’m going to need you and Mister Tompkins to come with me to track down the Stellae. I’m going to need you to check on those transport enhancers, Kivik, while I get the cable off the Stellae’s neck.=/\=


Reade/Thompkins/Ariadust/Kivik/Iko: response


Ikaia waited until everyone was beamed back. He finally looked at Kivik and Thompkins. 


Wong: =/\=Alright. Well…. Let’s find that Stellae and get them out of here quickly. We don’t have a lot of time here.=/\=


He still felt sore from being smacked by the Stellae earlier. He was definitely expecting a nasty bruise once he looked himself over much later. He climbed up the side of Thompkins’s Work Bee and held on.


Reade/Thompkins/Ariadust/Kivik/Iko: response

Wong: =/\=And Reade? I hope you don’t mind me borrowing some of your drones. I think we’re going to need them.=/\=


Reade/Thompkins/Ariadust/Kivik/Iko: response


((OOC: And at this point, I’ve split people off into teams - the team looking after Carcetti on the shuttle is Iko, Reade and Ariadust. The team looking after the Stellae is Wong, Kivik, and Thompkins.))


((The Conduit - Mining Rig - Asteroid 6585 Poseidon))


Ikaia held on to the Work Bee as it traveled up the conduit. He was looking for any signs that the Stellae had traveled through this section.


Wong: =/\=Pretty sure it went up this way or at least that’s what I saw. But then again, I did take a fin tip to the… well… ALL of me. I couldn’t 100% work out what was up or what was down. I think the rest of you got a better view than I did.=/\=


Thompkins/Kivik: Response.


Wong: =/\=Most of my patients aren’t nearly this big or this recalcitrant. Hopefully, we can catch up to them soon before anything bad happens. I don’t like the look of that cable around their neck.=/\=


Thompkins/Kivik: Response.


Wong: =/\=What’s THAT up ahead?=/\=


Ikaia shifted slightly on the Work Bee to get a better look.


Thompkins/Kivik: Response.


He could see some dented panels. Some of them look like they had been clearly torn out by a strong force.


Wong: =/\=Well! Then I think this is a REALLY good sign that our patient did come this way. =/\=


Thompkins/Kivik: Response.



Lieutenant Ikaia Wong PA-C

Chief Medical Officer

Amity Outpost




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